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David Warren Klasing

David Klasing’s Legal Guides

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  • Criminal Tax Controversy

    Why you need representation if you ever find yourself under criminal tax investigation or prosecution or merely the threat of it.

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  • Filing an IRS Tax Appeal

    Why you need representation if you ever file an IRS Tax Appeal.

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  • Being audited by a taxing authority

    Why a taxpayer should never attend an audit without representation.

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  • What to do if you have not filed tax returns in several years.

    Why you need representation to re-enter the tax system if you have not filed tax returns in several years.

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  • What is basically required to make a Voluntary Disclosure surrounding a Foreign Bank Account?

    Step 1 - Applying to Participate in the OVDI: To participate in OVDI, taxpayer are advised to first obtain a "pre-clearance" from the IRS Criminal Investigation (CI) Division. A taxpayer who receives a preclearance notification will have 30 days from the receipt to complete an O...

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  • Post 9/9/11 undisclosed foreign accounts

    Recently an article in Reuters titled U.S. Obtains Data From 10 Swiss Banks in Tax Dodging Probe was reported on the Huffington Post. Here is the link. to the article's author, 10 ma...

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  • Importance of Keeping a Contemporaneous Timelog Re: Rental Real Estate as a Real Estate Professional

    Taxpayers who claim to be real estate professionals often face the loss of real estate professional status because of the lack of contemporaneous time logs for rental real estate activity under audit and subsequently appeal or where ultimately litigating the issue. Recently I was...

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