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  • I have a citizenship interview on next monday but i have a mistermeaner charge, can i still get the citizenship?

    i have a citizenship interview on next monday but i have a mistermeaner charge, can i still get the citizenship?

    Sophie’s Answer

    It depends on your specific misdemeanor conviction. The interviewer will probably request a certified copy of the docket in the case. If you do not have this with you at the interview, the interview may give you more time. It would be best to spend your time finding an attorney to accompany you to the interview on Monday.

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  • Im on F1 & it expires in 1 month but I've already filed I 485, as I got married to a US citizen, should still keep f1 status ?

    Im on F1 & it expires in 1 month but I've already filed I 485, as I got married to a US citizen, should still keep f1 status by geting a new I 20 from my school ? Im on FP process right now. Will I go out of status after my i20 expires next month?

    Sophie’s Answer

    You should consult with an experienced immigration attorney regarding the details of your situation to understand your specific situation fully and accurately.

    In general if a US citizen spouse files Form I-130 and the alien spouse concurrently files Form I-485, the alien spouse will remain in status even when that person's nonimmigrant status expires. Once the alien has the work permit, he/she will be able to be employed in the U.S.

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  • US legal age to petition

    I would like to know what is the minimum acceptable legal age of a US citizen child for the US Immigration, to be able to petition both parents. Thanks

    Sophie’s Answer

    A US citizen must be 21 years old or older in order to petition a parent. The parent will be considered "immediate relatives" and will not be subject to the caps on visa numbers in the State Department's Visa Bulletin.

    I recommend speaking to an immigration attorney because the parents' eligibility will be affected by other factors, such as being in the US or outside of the US, overstaying a visa in the US, having come here illegally, committing crimes, etc.

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  • Re-entering U.S with valid F-1 VISA and new I-20

    Hi, I have a valid F1 VISA until 2013 and i am presently on OPT status. My OPT is going to end by end of this year. So i am planning to register a new course with a different college and get new I-20 from that college. I am planning to do this ...

    Sophie’s Answer

    In general, OPT is terminated automatically upon transferring to another school, and F1 students may not enter the US in F status more than 30 days in advance of the program start date.

    You should talk to an attorney because the details of your situation will affect what you should do. Also, there are specific procedures that an individual needs to follow in order to transfer from one school to another school on F1. Also, the timing of your plans will greatly influence your ability to be in the US in the future.

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  • Is she eligible to sponsor me?

    im married to a US CITIZEN, she is a housewife and receiving money from the government because of she eligible to sponsor me..(im the one working)

    Sophie’s Answer

    A US citizen spouse is able to sponsor you for permanent residence.

    A US citizen spouse who is without income or assets is not able to financially sponsor you by filing an affidavit of support. For this portion of the process, you will need a co-sponsor.

    You should contact an attorney to determine if you are otherwise eligible for permanent residence, either through the adjustment of status process in the US or through consular processing outside the US.

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  • Im a handicap mexican ciitizen incacerated but was not deported because of program i was assigned to called isap

    why is ice now deporting me after i was assigned to this program to keep from being deported while on my schedule appt ice informed me i had 14 days to be out of usa they made me sign some papers and refused to give me a copy

    Sophie’s Answer

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    ISAP is typically a program for people who are in removal proceedings who are not being detained in jail. If you are on ISAP, you should be notified of the dates and times of your immigration court appearances.

    The first step in the immigration court process is when ICE gives you a "Notice to Appear." This means you are in removal proceedings, but it is only the beginning of the process. You should contact an attorney to determine if there are ways to stay in the United States.

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  • Do I have to follow the two year rule(212e) ?

    I was on a J-1 visa in 2008 to New Jersy and Orlando and came back home for about a year and then got F-1 visa to US again to get my master degree,which I'm still working on. The J-1 visa clearly stated that it's subject to 212e rule. However, my ...

    Sophie’s Answer

    In general, it is possible to receive a waiver of the J-1 two year foreign residency requirement, but it takes hard work. One of the most straightforward ways is by obtaining a "no objection statement" from your home country.

    You should contact an experienced attorney regarding your specific situation.

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  • What is the time limit on filing a petition for a writ of certiorari? can the petitioner do it self?

    Please, 1)How does the petitioner Submit motion to stay of the issuance of the mandate, pending de filling of the right of a writ of certiorari to the supreme court of the US. 2) What is the time limit on filing a petition for a writ of certior...

    Sophie’s Answer

    If you have an immigration case, the most recent decision was probably entered by a circuit court of appeals. Supreme Court Rule 13.1 states that the deadline to file a petition for a writ of certiorari is 90 days from the date of entry of judgment by the the Court of Appeals.

    "1. Unless otherwise provided by law, a petition for a writ
    of certiorari to review a judgment in any case, civil or criminal,
    entered by a state court of last resort or a United States
    court of appeals (including the United States Court of Appeals
    for the Armed Forces) is timely when it is filed with
    the Clerk of this Court within 90 days after entry of the
    judgment. A petition for a writ of certiorari seeking review
    of a judgment of a lower state court that is subject to discretionary
    review by the state court of last resort is timely
    when it is filed with the Clerk within 90 days after entry of
    the order denying discretionary review."

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  • NVC processing time

    Approximately how long do it takes for the NVC to send immigrant visa interview dates after they have recieved the I-864 Affidavit of support and DS-230 Immgrant visa application? My hus band is a Tanzanian citizen (East Africa) and that's where h...

    Sophie’s Answer

    My recent experience has been that it takes the NVC less than one month after it has received all required documents to schedule the appointment. The time of the appointment depends on the specific consulate; it can vary from 6 weeks to 3 months or more.

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  • What can be done to get out from Ice custody, and not to be removed due to aggravated felone

    my family member came to USA from former Soviet Union in 1992 when basicly the collapse of the country took place. but he never had a passport by Ukrainian as a country. he came to USA as a young boy with his parents. he was admitted to USA as a ...

    Sophie’s Answer

    Aggravated felons are ineligible for bond while detained in ICE custody and in immigration proceedings.

    It sounds like this person might be able to apply for withholding of removal or relief pursuant to the Convention Against Torture with the Immigration Judge, based on the fact that he was previously a refugee.

    If the judge granted either of these forms of relief, then he would eventually be released from custody, able to remain in the US, and to receive a work permit.

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