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Shirley Kim

Shirley Kim’s Legal Guides

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  • Why Should I Pay To Register My Copyright?

    Why Register? After reading my article discussing what a copyright is and discovering the truth about when it is established, you may find yourself wondering, "If my copyright subsists at the time my originally authored work is created and fixed in a tangible form, then why do I ...

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  • What is a Copyright?

    The idea of a copyright is often misunderstood. Through this broad, yet succinct article, I hope to shed some light on some of the key concepts of copyright law. If you would like further detail on any of the topics below mentioned, please feel free to contact me. Copyright Defin...

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  • Changing the Name of Your Corporation or LLC

    Can you change the name of your already existing California Corporation or LLC? Yes, you may change the name of your current corporation. You do not need to dissolve the current corporation and file as a new entity. The process is simple. First, let's make sure your corporate doc...

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