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  • What happens if a Public Administrator purposely didnt notify heirs of the probate? & that same administrator was terminated

    ..during the probate for moving money around on the books & purchasing $500,000.00 software from a company >(corrupt software is what I'm thinking it was for!)?) & years later the heirs find out about not being notified & that they were in the Wil...

    Sara’s Answer

    This sounds like a complicated fact pattern that could involve several areas of California law. The question appears to be asked by someone from the City and County of San Francisco, CA (or, least, that is what is indicated below the question: "Asked 2 days ago - San Francisco"), and it involves the Office of the Public Guardian for San Francisco. You only provide a limited fact pattern. Based upon what you wrote, I agree with the two other attorneys who recommended that you seek the advice of local counsel -- and immediately. There are many attorneys in San Francisco. Since this fact pattern involves the Office of the Public Administrator for the consolidated City and County of San Francisco, you might want to consider finding an attorney with experience in cases involving that office.

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  • Need low cost legal advice, i am 63 years of age low income, need help glendale ca. area

    where can i get senior legal help, set income need paralegal or low cost attoney for legal advice . where can i find help?

    Sara’s Answer

    I am not exactly certain what you mean by "senior legal help." And, perhaps, you are not quite sure how to describe the type of legal assistance that you need. I assume you consider yourself a senior citizen. What might be helpful to you in figuring out what type of legal help you need is by reviewing the website for the State Bar of California, which currently has a section entitled "Seniors and the Law - A Guide for Maturing Californians." The website states that one may order the print copies or PDF's of Seniors & the Law, by sending an e-mail to: The website for the California State Bar is: www.calbar,org. You may also contact the local Bar Association in your city. They may have a public law center that may provide advice to you. It appears you are in Glendale, CA. There is a bar association in Glendale. You may review the website at You may also want to give them a phone call since the website lists a phone number. I hope this helps you in figuring out the exact assistance you need.

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  • My mother passed away Aug 3 2011. I am one of 3 daughters. She did not appoint an executor.

    However she did state that if the house was sold that it would be divided btetween the three of us and if one of us decided to live there, that daughter would pay the other 2 10,000. a piece. One of the sisters just move in after a year passed and...

    Sara’s Answer

    Sorry for your loss and current difficulties. I cannot tell where you live or location of your mom's home or where your mom lived. My practice is limited to California. And, assuming all events are taking or have taken place in California, I agree with the other lawyers who answered your question by recommending that you seek an attorney: it is wise to seek counsel from an attorney who practices probate/estate planning or who has a specialization in Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Law. In California, some attorneys are certified specialists in that area. If you do not know of any such attorneys, you may contact the local Bar Association in your area as well as the State Bar of California and inquire about getting information on local attorneys practicing in this area of law. You can easily go to the websites of most local Bar Associations and the State Bar for information. Currently, the State Bar of California website even has a section on how to hire the right lawyer. It also has pamphlets online on Wills and Trusts for the public's information. If I were in your position under the circumstances described, I would not delay in finding an attorney with probate /estate planning experience and addressing the problem. I hope this is helpful.

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  • I want to be a criminal lawyer but also want to be the lawyer that deals with different cases other than that. Is that possible?

    I want to deal with all cases not just criminal i want to deal with abusive relations, rape cases, custody cases ect: is is possible for me to do it.

    Sara’s Answer

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    There are attorneys in California that handle cases involving different areas of the law. And, there are many practitioners who specialize in areas like family law, criminal defense, tax or estate planning. It is your decision. However, it is not always easy being a general practitioner. Many general practitioners I know will associate with experts in certain legal fields, if they do not have the expertise. If you are already in law school in California, you will study The Rules of Professional Conduct at some point in time before the Bar Exam. You can review the rules on the California State Bar website. Specifically, you should review Rule 3-110 on the website, which currently provides:
    "Rule 3-110 Failing to Act Competently
    (A) A member shall not intentionally, recklessly, or repeatedly fail to perform legal services with competence.
    (B) For purposes of this rule, "competence" in any legal service shall mean to apply the 1) diligence, 2) learning and skill, and 3) mental, emotional, and physical ability reasonably necessary for the performance of such service.
    (C) If a member does not have sufficient learning and skill when the legal service is undertaken, the member may nonetheless perform such services competently by 1) associating with or, where appropriate, professionally consulting another lawyer reasonably believed to be competent, or 2) by acquiring sufficient learning and skill before performance is required."

    If you are interested in being a criminal lawyer, you may want to start out in one of the Offices of a Public Defender or the Offices of the District Attorney. You could over time be involved in many types of criminal actions, and you would get training in an office of attorneys who have a tremendous amount of experience, most likely including jury trial experience that can be very beneficial to a law career. If you are still in law school, you might want to intern with one of those offices. I hope this is helpful.

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  • Can property taxes decrease if the value of my home is less than it used to be?

    Our house keeps dropping in value, and I was wondering if I could ask the assessor's office to lower our property tax? .

    Sara’s Answer

    You may ask your County Assessor's office about reducing your property tax. The procedures for this process may differ from County to County, so you need to check with your County Assessor's office. The information you supplied indicates that your home is in Davis, California. If your property is in Davis, the Yolo County website shows that Davis is in Yolo County. You can review the website for Yolo County, which lists the ASSESSOR under Government Departments. Information is provided by the County Assessor on that website and they may even provide written publications in their office to assist you. On the website, there is even a section entitled "Frequently Asked Questions" and "Important Dates." Review the information provided by the Assessor's Office immediately to determine the deadlines for a review and the procedures for review. You may also contact the local Bar Association and inquire about attorneys with property tax experience in your area. There are attorneys in California that specialize in taxation, including property taxation. They are probably not inexpensive, but you have the option. I am not familiar with Yolo County Assessor's Office nor the Yolo County Assessment Appeals Board nor the attorneys in your area. Should you need legal advice on this topic, you will need to contact the local Bar Association or the State Bar of California.

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  • I need a living trust drafted, any referrals?

    This would be for a single person with one piece of real estate and some bank accounts. How much should I expect to pay? Where is the best place to go? Is LegalZoom any good? I'm looking in the Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, Westlake, Agoura, Calab...

    Sara’s Answer

    I do not practice law in Ventura County where you live. There is a Bar Association in Ventura County, California. You can contact the local Bar Association and inquire about attorneys in your area that specialize or practice estate planning. You may contact the State Bar of California and inquire about attorneys in your area that are certified specialists in estate planning as well as inquire about the record of any attorney that you are considering using for your estate plan. The State Bar of California has publications for consumers on Trusts and Estate Planning and how to select an attorney; they are available online (I just checked the website). You are wise to think about your estate planning for many reasons. Most attorneys that I know include an Advanced Health Care Directive in that package of estate planning documents. The Advanced Health Care Directive is mentioned on the California State Bar website as well; and you might want to research the Terri Schiavo case; much has been written about it. I have only heard of Legal Zoom, so I cannot comment on it. It might be less expensive than an attorney whose practice focuses on estate planning, but I don't know how thorough or accurate it is. The fee for an estate plan drafted by an attorney of your choice may depend upon how complicated your estate is and how detailed you want your planning documents to be (including the Advanced Health Care Directive) and the area where you reside (some large cities have attorneys who charge much more than in other areas of the state). Do not be afraid to ask about the cost when you call to schedule the appointment.

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