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Kelly Hope Zinser

Kelly Zinser’s Legal Guides

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  • What Debts are Included in a Bankruptcy?

    All of your debts were included in the bankruptcy, but some of them are treated a little different than the others. The bankruptcy removed any personal liability you had for the mortgage accounts. The lender still has a lien against the property, but their only option if you fall...

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  • Credit Reports after Bankruptcy Discharge

    Debts that continue to be reported incorrectly or are listed as due after discharge can harm your fresh start. This guide discusses how to verify that the discharge is correctly reflected in your credit reports and how to challenge inaccurate information.

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  • California Expands Mortgage Deficiency Protections in Short Sales

    Last year, California passed a law that prohibits first mortgage holders from pursuing individual homeowners for a deficiency after a short sale. However, this meant that second and third mortgage holders were still free to sue the homeowner for the balance due even if they cons...

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  • Reaffirmation Guide Part III - You’ve Decided to Sign the Reaffirmation Agreement, What’s Next?

    This legal guide discusses the procedures related to reaffirmation agreements once you have decided to reaffirm a debt.

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  • Reaffirmation Guide Part II – Deciding Whether to Reaffirm Your Vehicle Loan in Bankruptcy

    This legal guide explores the decision to reaffirm a vehicle loan and the types of questions you should consider during this process.

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  • Reaffirmation Guide Part I - Reaffirmation and its Alternatives

    This legal guide explains what it means to reaffirm a debt and the other alternatives available for secured debts.

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  • What Happens at a Meeting of Creditors?

    Arrival Its a good idea to arrive early to your meeting of creditors so you can meet with your attorney beforehand. Your attorney will provide guidance for your particular meeting. She will also ma

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  • How to Avoid Deficiency Judgments from Lenders

    Negotiate a Settlement Now Is your home worth less than what you owe on it? Depending on the home's value, your second lender may be willing to accept a lump sum settlement amount to release you fro

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  • Parent's Responsibility: What Every Parent Needs to Do for Their Kids

    Appoint Long Term Guardians for Your Child I know that choosing a guardian is a difficult decision. Think about it - wouldn't you rather decide who will raise and love your children if you are no lo

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