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  1. Can I sue someone?

    Answered over 2 years ago.

    1. Scott Richard Kaufman
    2. Frank Wei-Hong Chen
    3. Jame P Mascaro
    4. Stephen Gregory Hammers
    5. Dave Bahr
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    There are a number of issues here, and most are worth exploring further. Unfortunately, it appears you have a problem with your partner/friend. While you may have no written agreement with your partner, a partnership can arise orally, or by implication, under the Uniform Partnership Act. Partners owe one another heightened responsibilities, as fiduciaries, meaning generally that they must take great care not to harm one another's position within the parameters of the partnership. The fact...

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  2. My husband is a pastor one of the members left the church to start his own church

    Answered 8 months ago.

    1. David Herman Hirsch
    2. Stephen Gregory Hammers
    2 lawyer answers

    The issue regarding the Church member communicating false information about your husband may amount to actionable slander, which would be addressed in the civil courts. You should consult with an attorney for an assessment as to whether the statements satisfy the elements of slander. If the communications include statements that your husband has committed a crime or other such behavior, the allegations would be addressed with a claim of "slander per se," a claim which places an even higher...

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  3. Property Line Dispute, Fence, Neighbor

    Answered 7 months ago.

    1. Sarbpreet Simon Khinda
    2. Bradford Charles Brereton
    3. Stephen Gregory Hammers
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    Boundary disputes are abundantly factual, and often litigated. To the extent there is a possibility that you could lose rights in the affected property over the course of litigation or negotiation, you will want to consult with an attorney before speaking directly with the neighbor. Indeed, you may ultimately decide to negotiate with the neighbor yourself, but if so, you will want to be armed with a full understanding of your rights and options. Your neighbor could take action directly based...

  4. I have a commercial lease with a management company I am on the lease as well as a family member.I have had some personal issues

    Answered 8 months ago.

    1. Ronald A. Cabanayan
    2. Nicholas Basil Spirtos
    3. Sarah M Hays
    4. Stephen Gregory Hammers
    4 lawyer answers

    I agree with the foregoing answers in that you will want to review the terms of the lease in this situation, and best if you do so with a qualified real estate attorney; however, please also consider that there appear to be multiple "agreements" at issue in this matter. The first is the agreement you have with your landlord (the lease agreement). This is likely a written document. Commercial leases typically define the rights of the parties quite extensively, including the amount and method...

  5. A neighbor cut a road across our property. a sheriff has given me an incident number. I think I need a lawyer... help!

    Answered 8 months ago.

    1. Kellan Richard Martz
    2. Stephen Gregory Hammers
    2 lawyer answers

    This question raises issues of trespass, prescriptive easement and others. Based upon the facts you stated here, the neighbor appears to have exceeded the rights of use you granted him; however, there could be more to this than offensive behavior. The action hints at an intention to set up prescriptive rights on your property. In order to establish a prescriptive easement in California, a claimant must take action on your property that is "open and notorious," continuous and uninterrupted...

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