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  • I have created a blog about my memories with a professional fetish model. Her Lawyer is telling me I have to take it down.

    I have been told I can not contact her in anyway. She goes by an alias and that's the name I use on the blog. Does the lawyer have the right to tell me to take it down?

    Gary’s Answer

    He has the right to ask. You have the right to post. She has the right to sue you for defamation. You have the right to defend based on truth. The judge has the right to sort it out.

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  • What is the appropriate charge an attorney charges per

    email sent to them? What if they don't respond to you regarding the current matter at hand will these emails hold up in having to pay?

    Gary’s Answer

    Minutes to read, think, research, and repond, divided by 60, times his hourly rate. May be rounded up to the nearest tenth or quarter hour.

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  • Remove your full name from an appealed case and search engines.

    I filed an appeal. Now anytime anyone enters my name in a search engine my appealed case comes up. I dont want people knowing my business. I understand it is public record but is there a way to make it so just my initials are in the opinion? I hav...

    Gary’s Answer

    At this point, all you can do is change your name.

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  • Puppy purchased from puppy store

    I bought a puppy from a puppy store claiming they got their puppies from reputable breeders & gave me a photocopy of the breeder information including a list of all his vaccines. They also said he had a puppy cold & gave me a sheet of the recommen...

    Gary’s Answer

    Reputable breeders do not put puppies in pet stores.
    California Health & Safety Code provides:

    122045. (a) This article shall be known and may be cited as the
    Polanco-Lockyer Pet Breeder Warranty Act.
    (b) Every breeder of dogs shall comply with this article. As used
    in this article, "dog breeder," or "breeder" means a person, firm,
    partnership, corporation, or other association that has sold,
    transferred, or given away all or part of three or more litters or 20
    or more dogs during the preceding 12 months that were bred and
    reared on the premises of the person, firm, partnership, corporation,
    or other association.
    (c) For the purposes of this article, "purchaser" means any person
    who purchases a dog from a breeder.
    (d) This article shall not apply to pet dealers regulated under
    Article 2 (commencing with Section 122125), or to publicly operated
    pounds, humane societies, or privately operated rescue organizations.

    122050. (a) Every breeder of dogs shall deliver to each purchaser
    of a dog a written disclosure containing all of the following:
    (1) The breeder's name and address. If the breeder is a dealer
    licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture, the federal
    dealer identification number shall also be indicated.
    (2) The date of the dog's birth and the date the breeder received
    the dog. If the dog is not advertised or sold as purebred,
    registered, or registerable, the date of birth may be approximated if
    not known by the breeder.
    (3) The breed, sex, color, and identifying marks at the time of
    sale, if any. If the dog is from a United States Department of
    Agriculture licensed source, the individual identifying tag, tattoo,
    or collar number for that animal. If the breed is unknown or mixed,
    the record shall so indicate.
    (4) If the dog is being sold as being capable of registration, the
    names and registration numbers of the sire and dam, and the litter
    number, if known.
    (5) A record of inoculations and worming treatments administered,
    if any, to the dog as of the time of sale, including dates of
    administration and the type of vaccine or worming treatment.
    (6) A record of any veterinarian treatment or medication received
    by the dog while in the possession of the breeder and either of the
    (A) A statement, signed by the breeder at the time of sale, that:
    (i) The dog has no known disease or illness.
    (ii) The dog has no known congenital or hereditary condition that
    adversely affects the health of the dog at the time of the sale or
    that is likely to adversely affect the health of the dog in the
    (B) A record of any known disease, illness, or congenital or
    hereditary condition that adversely affects the health of the dog at
    the time of sale, or that is likely to affect the health of the dog
    in the future, along with a statement signed by a veterinarian
    licensed in the State of California that authorizes the sale of the
    dog, recommends necessary treatment, if any, and verifies that the
    disease, illness, or condition does not require hospitalization or
    nonelective surgical procedures, nor is it likely to require
    hospitalization or nonelective surgical procedures in the future. A
    veterinarian statement is not required for intestinal or external
    parasites unless their presence makes the dog clinically ill or is
    likely to make the dog clinically ill. The statement shall be valid
    for seven days following examination of the dog by the veterinarian.
    (b) The written disclosure made pursuant to this section shall be
    signed by both the breeder certifying the accuracy of the statement,
    and by the purchaser of the dog acknowledging receipt of the
    (c) In addition, all medical information required to be disclosed
    pursuant to this section shall be made orally by the breeder to the
    (d) For purposes of this article, a disease, illness, or
    congenital or hereditary condition that adversely affects the health
    of the dog at the time of sale,

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  • Avvo no i never received any answers to my question


    Gary’s Answer

    That happens sometimes.

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  • How to get a lawyer vonvicted for.collusion?

    An attorney committed collusion with the presiding judge. How can I get him convicted so I can collect treble damages and he can face criminal penalties and disbarment? And how will this affect him when we return to court?

    Gary’s Answer

    Take your evidence to the District Attorney and ask him to file charges.

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  • If I have only been married a few short months and the house is in my partners name am I entitled to anything in the divorce?

    Married 3 months each have children of their own in the home.

    Gary’s Answer

    Not much, if anything.

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  • We have a lease with suburban subaru in vernon ct we included our vehicle and they covered the 9600 that was owed so they got

    the car and they included the amount of what was owed the 9600 into the lease so where paying on the lease and the car can they do this

    Gary’s Answer

    It sounds like they should be paying off the car loan.... ask them why not.

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  • I own a microsoft xbox console, microsoft releases a updated services agreement that is in effect and i want to decline

    so the probelem is that i Decline the updated terms of service aggreents however it seems unfair that my console is disabled from online use inclding me watching tv from it or playing any online games... so basically now i have a device that do...

    Gary’s Answer

    No, you can sell your Xbox on Craigslist.

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  • Can a dog owner be sued for Gross Neglience if his dog has previously attacked another dog and that dog then killed my dog?

    I know a dog is considered "Property" under the law and I can not sue for "Pain and Suffering". Yet owners should be responsible for their dogs actions and I believe the owner knew how vicious their dogs was and that is why they kept it in a stee...

    Gary’s Answer

    Yes, under California law the owner is liable for all damages that his dog caused... vet bills, cremation, value of your dog.

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