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Michael John Harrington

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  • Tips to Starting a Companion Animal Trust

    Every pet owner needs to provide for the care of their pet after their death, should your pet survive you, planing should be made in advance for the animal's care. In California we now have Probate Code sec. 15212 which provides for a pet trust. Tips to prepare before you meet with your lawyer:

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  • California Guardianship Basics

    A guardianship is a court proceeding in probate court that awards custody of a minor to a non-parent. The grounds for the custody award is necessary or convenient. There are actually two types of guardianships : 1. Guardianship of the Person- food, shelter, health care, educatio...

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  • California "Cyber-Bully" Law Takes Effect January 1, 2011

    Among the new laws that go into force on New Year's Day 2011 is California Senate Bill 1411. The law is codified as Penal Code section 528.5 and is aimed at 'Cyber Bullies'. The bill was introduced by California State Senator Joe Simitian from the 11th State Senate District which...

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  • How New California Law May Affect Child Custody

    As a Family lawyer in California I am often asked 'when can the child decide which parent to live with'. This is a summary of the current law and the new changes that became law January 1, 2011 with specific mandated changes to take effect in our courts beginning January 1, 201...

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  • Divorced with Children: Holiday Visitation Agreements

    The holidays are a time for families to spend together but for parents who are separated or divorced, this can be an especially trying time of year. An enforceable, well thought out child visitation agreement will help. A well thought out visitation agreement is one that pu...

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  • Family Law for Grandparents: Visitation

    Consider a "grandparent visitation order" Grandparents often do not know that they have legal rights to visit their grandchildren. If your son or daughter is married, visiting with the grandchildren

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