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  1. I have few questions about a car accident that I was involved with . The other party was at fault since I was rare ended.

    Answered 19 days ago.

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    you sue the party at fault and the insurance company for the at fault car will defend. You should be able to also present a claim against the drivers insurance if it is more than the $15k and also you can present an Under insured motorist claim against the ins on the policy of the not at fault car. in today's climate there are all kind of offsets. If your med ins or med pay paid anything then they might have a right of reimbursement. However your lawyer can lower that amount and if you...

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  2. Is their any pro bono criminal defense attorney's in Orange county area? I need help please

    Answered 19 days ago.

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    most counties have legal aid but before you go there ask for a public defender. They would be lawyers that practice in that court and know the DA's and Judges...............and how to work them.

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  3. How can i go about getting evidence for A CAR ACCIDENT that i was not at fault for?

    Answered 19 days ago.

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    You should retain a lawyer who would hire a private investigator. He/she would obtain the police report and interview wits or try to find same. sometimes you are in the right but can not prove it or the cost to do so would be prohibitive ........

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  4. Criminal Case in California

    Answered 19 days ago.

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    yes, you should. however many lawyers handle many areas of law and are competent in more than one area. why not ask the lawyer this question?

  5. Slipped and fell in a restaurant California

    Answered 19 days ago.

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    Most of the questions posed on Slip and Fall cases have the same basic misconception that because you fell you can collect. You do not get a windfall because you fell. You must prove that someone did something wrong and as a result you were injured. Much of the law comes from the old gritty banana peel case where someone in the old west slipped on a banana peel. The pivotal question is how long the banana peel had been there and whether the owner knew of should have known of the defective...

  6. Why does a DV charge keep getting reduced to Distrubing the Peace

    Answered 19 days ago.

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    Though the goal of an experienced criminal defense attorney is to get a Domestic Violence reduced it is far from automatic. Asking a lawyer a legal question without all the info is like asking a doctor over the phone what is wrong with you because you have a pain in the X....... and then wanting to know what it will cost and what the doc can do without his/her ever examining you. In law there are no automatic answers. Every case is fact dependent. I had 33 out of 48 DV cases dismissed or no...

  7. Should I request a DMV hearing even if I don't think I have a chance? Today is the 10th day. I don't have an attorney yet.

    Answered 19 days ago.

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    Yes, you should always request a DMV hearing. You can use it to to gather evidence and evaluate what evidence the DA has against you. You must do so within 10 days and you do not know until you get the police report if you can find a loop hole that will "save your bacon". Being under 21, DMV will suspend your license for 1 year absent a loophole.

  8. Is there any chance of me beating this? I am a young college student with a great new job. I cannot have this hanging over me.

    Answered 19 days ago.

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    a lawyer would need more info to answer that question........... The first thing that comes to mind is a possible illegal search and seizure issue. Do yourself a favor and hire a lawyer or ask for a public defender. An important consideration might be how much drugs are involved. I suspect it might be more than a very small amount.

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