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Dale Seward Gribow

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  • Can I get the criminal case moved out of state where I currently live?

    I have a criminal case pending trial in CA. I'm planning to move for work related to Washington, DC. Will they allow me to move? can I move my criminal case with me instead of coming back everytime? Please advise

    Dale’s Answer

    the simple answer is NO..............the court with jurisdiction is that court covering the location of the crime.

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  • California. Outside of filing a lawsuit, how can a perspective plaintiff find out which homeowner's insurance the owner has?

    Trying to open up a claim against a homeowner's insurance policy due to an accident that happened on the property. I really don't want to have to file a lawsuit at this stage. Are there any tricks or options to tracking this info down? Homeowner b...

    Dale’s Answer

    you can ask the homeowner.
    i usually suggest to my clients they call and say their doctor has asked for this information so that they can bill for you injuries......and not threaten litigation.

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  • How to choose the right lawyer

    I got injured on the premises of a large nationally known banks property. The bank has admitted fault and I have many witnesses. I have two law firms interested in my case. How do I choose the right lawyer for my case?

    Dale’s Answer

    Inquire as to their experience with slip and fall cases and how many they have had in the last year and then how many of their cases went to trial. Lastly inquire as to their success rate with slip and falls.
    It will not be as high as other types of accidents.

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  • Minor injury in car accident where other party at fault. Quick question...

    Special damages (medical costs) were a total charged of $958 and a total out of pocket of $401 for emergency room visit and x-rays for minor pain, anxiety, stress from accident. Lingering back pain for several days but no lost income or futher me...

    Dale’s Answer

    In my opinion there is no such thing as customary on your case. Years ago they would use a multiple of 3-4 times you medical but not today. I do not know of a lawyer that would accept your case and the time for legal advice is before you treat and talk to the insurance company.
    In my opinion your answer will be to file in small claims if you can not get a decent offer (in your opinion) from the insurance company.......which i suspect will be the case.

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  • DUI

    "i had 2 duis 11 years ago, did 6 months, had another 4 years ago, did work furlough and had IID installed, after it was removed I had another last week totaling just my car. am I looking at jail time? this is in Ca." my arraignment is next Thursd...

    Dale’s Answer

    Though sentencing is court sensitive i pretty sure any judge in California would give you jail time.
    Jail would be mandatory with your priors but the question is whether you can get an ankle bracelet and home arrest as a trade off for jail. In Indio they give jail on a first offense with a low reading.

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  • Is their any pro bono criminal defense attorney's in Orange county area? I need help please

    I'm a single mother and a full time student, I recently was arrested for receiving stolen property they are charging me with a felony. I have no criminal background at all, I just went to court yesterday and got assigned a Public Defender. But hon...

    Dale’s Answer

    most counties have legal aid but before you go there ask for a public defender. They would be lawyers that practice in that court and know the DA's and Judges...............and how to work them.

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  • Is there any chance of me beating this? I am a young college student with a great new job. I cannot have this hanging over me.

    I was accused of poss of cocaine. Officer tested residue from a bag found in my car at a traffic stop. The officer pressured me into what I believe to be an admittance. The case was nolle prosequi then I was indited by a grad jury and the court is...

    Dale’s Answer

    a lawyer would need more info to answer that question...........
    The first thing that comes to mind is a possible illegal search and seizure issue.
    Do yourself a favor and hire a lawyer or ask for a public defender.
    An important consideration might be how much drugs are involved. I suspect it might be more than a very small amount.

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  • Criminal Case in California

    I have been charged with a felony and a strike and have been appointed a private defender. I looked the attorney up online and it states they are an abortion attorney. Shouldn't I be appointed a criminal attorney versed in felony cases?

    Dale’s Answer

    yes, you should.
    however many lawyers handle many areas of law and are competent in more than one area.
    why not ask the lawyer this question?

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  • I have few questions about a car accident that I was involved with . The other party was at fault since I was rare ended.

    Police report available. The diver of other car was not the owner of the car? can I sue the driver as well as the insurance co.? I have over $10.000 medical bill which my car insurance co has paid the maximum amount of 5k (approved u...

    Dale’s Answer

    you sue the party at fault and the insurance company for the at fault car will defend. You should be able to also present a claim against the drivers insurance if it is more than the $15k and also you can present an Under insured motorist claim against the ins on the policy of the not at fault car.
    in today's climate there are all kind of offsets. If your med ins or med pay paid anything then they might have a right of reimbursement. However your lawyer can lower that amount and if you collect the policy limits from all policies your lawyer can argue you do not have to reimburse. The bottom line is that this can be complicated and you need a lawyer to argue with the insurance company.

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  • How can i go about getting evidence for A CAR ACCIDENT that i was not at fault for?

    I was going down a street and crossing an intersection on a green light, the car going the opposite direction made a quick left turn in front of me. Well the other guy is saying i ran a red light he has gathered witnesses and gotten a attorney and...

    Dale’s Answer

    You should retain a lawyer who would hire a private investigator. He/she would obtain the police report and interview wits or try to find same.
    sometimes you are in the right but can not prove it or the cost to do so would be prohibitive ........

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