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Nicole Elizabeth Boros

Nicole Boros’s Legal Guides

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  • Domestic Violence

    The following will outline frequently asked questions regarding domestic violence. Child Custody Orders The family court is permitted to make child custody and visitation orders within a domestic viol

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  • Attorney Fees in Family Law Action

    The Family Code provides authority for court ordered attorney fees on a variety of different bases. This can be helpful to a litigant who cannot afford to pay for an attorney on their own. If certa

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  • Child Custody Move Away

    When requesting a court order for to move minor children outside of the state, several requirements must be presented to the court and considered. The following is a list of the factors: (1) stabilit

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  • Requirements for an Ex Parte Application

    When filing for an Ex Parte, regarding child custody there are certain requirements the Court must follow. Both the party filing the ex parte application and the party opposing the ex parte,should mak

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  • How to make co-parenting work during a divorce

    When you are going through a divorce, your spouse is usually the last person that you want to be cooperative with. However, being able to effectively co-parent with your spouse is the most important part of the process for your children. Here are a few co-parenting guidelines tha...

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  • Advantages to Mediation in Family Law

    Divorce is a difficult process. For most, it will be the most emotional & trying time of their life. Going through a contested divorce can be very time consuming, especially if the courts are involved. An alternative to allowing a judge to decide your fate is participating in mediation.

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