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Michael Jon Fremont

Michael Fremont’s Legal Guides

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    CHECKPOINTS AND TIPS CHECKPOINTS AND SATURATION PATROLS New Years is the time for law agencies to put up checkpoints but those are not the only tools the police use. Saturation patrols are also becom

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  • Summer is Here. More Checkpoints!!!

    Summer tips, avoid the Cop Traps After 10 pm cops are out in droves monitoring all the popular drinking areas, near the beach, border and places that have a concentration of bars and young people. The

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  • How to Avoid Pitfalls When Hiring a DUI Attorney

    MYTH 1: ANY ATTORNEY CAN DO DUIs Not true! Very few attorneys are actually competent with enough experience to properly handle a DUI case. You need an experienced qualified attorney, not just any at

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  • How to Hire a DUI Attorney

    Use the consultation as an interview. This will be the attorney that you hire to help you with a serious criminal legal problem and your license Does the attorney seem competent? Does it appear that

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