Very professional/ethical. When doing research on how to prepare for the EDD appeal, all questions and concerns were consistent in what I read when preparing. She gave me considerable amount of time to comment on why the figures I reported were not consistent. She was quite concerned why I put a different dollar amount than what I actually earned. I totally misunderstood the weekly requirements in reporting my earnings, so therefore it was quite obvious I did not read the (CCF) continued claim form correctly. I was employed but only part time and assumed EDD would satisfy the income I once made. Judge Jane Alshuler had a good reason to be concerned as to why I put different dollar amounts than what I was actually asked to report. I did report these dollar amounts, but once again I misunderstood, I was employed at a couple of temporary services, part-time, I wasn't earning what I was working full time so I wrote a dollar amount that would allow me to get close to the amount I was making in the past. I felt EDD was helping me meet my financial needs. Even the amounts I was being sent was not enough. I have many financial obligations and the main ones, rent and food, were barely being met. Again, obviously I totally misunderstood the CCF and reported the dollar amount I felt would be beneficial. I, 100% did not follow the instructions. I did not have much to say during the appeal because the dollar amounts were written the way explained above. All dollar amounts I reported were correct, when asked by Judge Alshuler. Therefore those amounts were in no way reported fraudulently.
I have a tendency to sway from the question and she would professionally and politely remind me of the question being asked. I also, when asked a question, would nod my answer; she politely reminded me the session is being recorded or either look at the microphone as a reminder.