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Charles Jervis Mellor

Charles Mellor’s Legal Guides

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  • Public Adjusters: Who You Gonna Call?

    Your home or your business has been severely damaged or even completely destroyed by fire, water damage or other catastrophe. You have insurance to cover your loss. Do you know what to do next?You need to make a claim on your policy, how is that done? Contact your carrier?Contact...

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  • Retreat!

    The sunrise of a new year is upon us and the energy surge is palpable. Those of us who own a small business are eager to wipe the slate of 2011 and welcome the opportunity of 2012. Before rushing headlong into the tasks at hand, may I be so bold as to recommend a "retreat". A pau...

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  • A Legal Claim in California - An Overview

    A Legal Claim in California - An Overview What happens when YOU are in an automobile accident? THINK! - Be pro-active not re-active! At The Scene: Exchange Insurance Information: Not your life story... Should I call the Police ?: If someone is hurt - YES If no one is hu...

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  • Starting a Business in California

    So you have decided now is the time to strike out on your own and start that business you have always dreamed of. Nurturing the idea that will support you and your family in these precarious economic times. One of the first questions you will need to address is what type of orga...

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