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Domenic John Lombardo

Domenic Lombardo’s Answers

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  • I just went to court for an incident involving my Pitbulls and another dog, but was wondering if the case could continue...

    I just went to court for an incident involving my 2 pitbulls who broke through the fence and scuffled with a dog whom was leashed. The dog was not injured, nor was the man walking the dog. In court he stated just that, but said he sometimes can...

    Domenic’s Answer

    The man can file a civil suit against you even after you have resolved your criminal case. He does have a case but as he will have trouble proving any damages he will have trouble finding a lawyer to pursue this case. Be careful with those dogs - the next case could result in severe criminal and civil liability because you are on notice the dogs are aggressive. In any event, you are strictly liable for the damage caused by your dogs; meaning, no finding of fault is necessary to hold you responsible.

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  • I received a PHX, AZ photo ticket while driving my CA licensed vehicle

    for going 77 in a 65 zone. I live in CA and do not want to drive all the way to PHX to fight the ticket. The radar was incorrect. How do I fight this ticket without going to PHX?

    Domenic’s Answer

    You must appear in court or have an attorney appear for you for the best chance of fighting the citation, although the Az code allows for trials by declaration.You should consutl with an Az attorney before making any decisions.

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  • Will an e-mail to d/a requesting continuance for procurement of counsel suffice without appearance

    Can I e-mail the D/A with continuance request and not be penalized for not being physically present?

    Domenic’s Answer

    No, you must appear in Court or through counsel on most misdemeanor matters and on all felony matters. You may be able to add your case onto the court docket by going to court early. You can then ask the judge for time to hire an attorney.

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