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Sheryl Susan Graf

Sheryl Graf’s Legal Guides

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  • Bankruptcy and Your Credit Rating

    Americans learn almost from birth that it's a good thing to buy all sorts of goods and services. Through advertising, a highly paid army of persuaders surrounds us with thousands of seductive messages each day that all say "buy, buy, buy". Easily available credit makes living bey...

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    1. What is chapter 7 and how does it work? Chapter 7 is that part (or chapter) of the Bankruptcy Code that deals with liquidation. The Bankruptcy Code is that part of the federal laws that deal with bankruptcy. A person who files under chapter 7 is called a debtor. In a chapter...

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  • California Uniform Guideline Child Support Obligation

    California Guideline Child Support is Presumptively Correct Amount to Support Children While the formula is complicated and depends on several factors, largely the amount of support in California is

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