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  1. My step-family is stealing from my Mothers estate and getting in the way of my duties as her personal representative.

    Answered about 6 years ago.

    1. Michael John Gainer
    2. Susan Denise Nattrass
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    Your rights are governed by the documents naming you as executrix - you need to talke to two attorneys, first the one who drafted your mother's estate planning documents and second the attorney handling the divorce. I'm assuming they were legally separated before she passed and before the divorce was finalized, but the effect of her death on her estate and divorce will turn largely on the documents drafted by the attorneys working with her.

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  2. Can i sue a asset protection planner whom assists seniors on medical, dental insurance who lied to me?

    Answered about 6 years ago.

    1. Susan Denise Nattrass
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    You can always sue, the real question is can you prevail. First, "asset protection" is not a recognized area of law, so you need to know if you were dealing with an attorney. Check with the New Mexico state bar association to see if the planner you were working with is an attorney. If she is, you can pursue a complaint to the bar association. If she isn't you might want to report her to the bar association for unauthorized practice of law and you might also contact your local Attorney...

  3. Are copies of a will and other estate planning documents acceptable?

    Answered about 6 years ago.

    1. Sandra Hughes O'Brien
    2. Janet Lee Brewer
    3. Joshua Thomas Keleske
    4. Susan Denise Nattrass
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    In California the Probate Court requires originals.