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  1. How do I better improve my chances of getting my probation terminated early?

    Answered over 2 years ago.

    1. David Philip Shapiro
    2. Bradley R Corbett
    3. Kenneth Lance Rogers
    4. Ernest J. Lee
    5. Christine C McCall
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    Friend, if you have met all requirements of your probation you may be able to obtain its early termination. This is done by filing a motion with the applicable court where you were sentenced stating reasons why you have repented of your prior conduct and thereby continued probation is not required. Usually you must prove some change relative to your prior conviction. These motions do not take long to process. However, the Office of Probation and Parole, and the district attorney, or if a...

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  2. If i plead guitly but havent been sentenced yet am i convicted of the crime?

    Answered over 3 years ago.

    1. Andrew Michael Limberg
    2. Ernest J. Lee
    3. Chris J Feasel
    4. Michael Rutledge Norton
    5. Todd Jason Allen
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    Yes, you are 'convicted' at your plea, although under some circumstamnces you may be able to change your plea if you can prove it was not knowing and intelligently made. This means that your plea was made without you knowing the facts, circumstances and, most importantly, the ramification of your plea.

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  3. Could I just spend time in jail to avoid being put on probation for a misdemeanor?

    Answered over 2 years ago.

    1. Bradley R Corbett
    2. Elliot Rahmim Zarabi
    3. David Philip Shapiro
    4. Andrew Michael Limberg
    5. Ernest J. Lee
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    In most situations, you can. But you are getting ahead of yourself. Your first goal should be to either get the case dismissed or be acquitted'. I speak in terms of case pre-disposition because you mention "probation". However, if you are serving a 90 days "sentence" and you are released early you will most probably be released on parole not probation. If you do not desire to be released on parole, simply refuse it and tell the jail counselors and the Dept. of Probation and Parole that...

  4. My Daughter Has A First Offense Of 7 Charges And 1,220,000.00 Bail Court Date 06/26/12 What Can I Do With Limited CashNoColladrl

    Answered almost 3 years ago.

    1. Elliot Rahmim Zarabi
    2. Andrew Michael Limberg
    3. Curtis Lamar Harrington Jr
    4. Daniel William Cohen
    5. David Philip Shapiro
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    Dear Friend: As stated by my colleagues, the bail may be reduced at the arraignment, which is the first appearance before the judge for these charges. First, you should hire an attorney who should be able to assist you in finding a bail bond agent that is a good fit with your daughter's and your situation. I presume from your question that you are the person financing your daughter's bail. Therefore, upon hiring your attorney you, your daughter, the attorney and the chosen bail bond...

  5. Regarding: Motion of Early Termination and 1203.4 Petition.

    Answered almost 3 years ago.

    1. Chris J Feasel
    2. Tate Ryan Lounsbery
    3. John M. Kaman
    4. Andrew Michael Limberg
    5. Dan Bacal
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    Hello Friend: Yes, there is a process that could allow you to modify your probation by early termination pursuant to PC 1203.3, especially with less than 1/6th of your probation time left while simultaneously attempting to "expunge' the conviction from your record pursuant to PC 1203.4. However, this is not something a non-attorney would usually do. This is because you have to have completed your probation to have any hope in your 1203.4 expungement process. An attorney could argue both at,...