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Jason J.L. Yang

Jason Yang’s Legal Guides

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  • Filing Motions

    When you file a motion, you are asking the court to do something. All parties in a lawsuit must be given notice of a motion filed with the court. The following are generally the deadlines in filing and serving a motion in a civil case:

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  • Requesting a Jury Trial

    A jury trial allows your peers to hear the facts of the case and decide the case by being the triers of facts. In a civil case, if you want a jury trial, you must do the following to secure your right to a jury trial:

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  • The Legal Process and How It Works

    In a civil case, a lawsuit begins when a party files a complaint at the courthouse. A complaint is a demand that a party is makes against other parties. The party making the demand is called the plaintiff. The party whom the demand is being made against is called the defendant. T...

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  • Do I Look Like a Bank to You? How to Properly Lend Money to Someone

    The only reason you would ever consider lending money to someone, whether it be a friend, family or co-worker, is that you expect to get the money back. No one in their right mind would lend money to someone knowing that they will never see a penny of it again. So how do you increase your chances of

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  • It's Small Potatoes But It's Good - The Benefits of Small Claim Courts

    In California, if you have a case that is worth less than $7,500.00, you should consider having your case heard by a small claims judge. The reasons for you to consider having a case heard in a small claims court are as follows:

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