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Gregory Paul Benton

Gregory Benton’s Legal Guides

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  • Planning for the Post-Divorce Let Down

    I am often presented with an opportunity to talk with potential clients and current clients about what will happen AFTER the divorce. While some clients are prepared for the tension of going through a divorce, I find that it is rare that a client or potential client has really t...

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  • Do you need an attorney for your divorce?

    I am often asked if a person needs a lawyer for their divorce. I like to answer that only a fool has himself as his own attorney. Or I ask, would a surgeon like to operate on himself or herself? But I am also realistic about this. In Los Angeles county, almost 90% of divorces don...

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  • Help! I'm a single mom and not married to the father.

    By far the most common problem I encounter as a family law attorney is the issue of child custody where the mom and dad were not married to each other. About two years ago, Sally came to me for help. She gave birth 13 years ago to a baby boy. She and the sperm doner father had an...

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