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John David Lueck

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  • Would it be beneficial to request a guardian ad litem?

    I have full guardianship over a 4 1/2 year old child. Her mother has been gone for almost two years and has come back to terminate the guardianship. The judge ordered a three month reunification, which I believe is ridiculously short, so I have fi...

    John’s Answer

    I am a California Attorney, admitted to practice only in California. This answer is specific to California Law. Guardians ad Litem are adults, appointed by a court to be the representative of a child. The purpose of the GAL is to permit the adult to act on behalf of the child. They are appointed most often when a child is injured and a parent or guardian wishes to file a lawsuit on the child's behalf. In the situation described, where natural mother having abandoned the child and a guardianship, if the court sees a conflict, the more likely approach would be for a California court to appoint an independent attorney to represent the child.

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