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  1. Will your license be suspended for a failure to appear on a dui

    Answered 15 days ago.

    1. Ronald Daniel Hedding
    2. Sergio Humberto Benavides
    3. Matthew Murillo
    4. Robert Lee Marshall
    5. Andrew Stephen Roberts
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    Yes...that happens all the time, then u have go into court and get proof u took care of your court case (this is called an "Abstract of Judgment"). I suggest u hire an attorney to deal with the court case ASAP.

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  2. Probation Dui classes

    Answered 30 days ago.

    1. Michael Jon Fremont
    2. Ronald Daniel Hedding
    3. Randall Gephart
    4. James Roy Dickinson
    5. Michael D. Litman
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    Definitely go back to court and let them know what you are able to do and when. If you were represented by an attorney, let them know and they can help you get back into court and get everything squared away. The clerk's office at the courthouse would be a good place to start.

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  3. Breath results don't contain a proper signature and there are 2 different arresting police Badge/ID (Same Officer)

    Answered about 1 month ago.

    1. Ronald Daniel Hedding
    2. Matthew Murillo
    3. Sergio Humberto Benavides
    4. David S. Kestenbaum
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    It is possible that these issues could have some relevance to your case. However, technicalities of this sort usually do not bear much fruit. Much of defending DUI cases is common sense. The best angles that I have found usually occur when the police try and cut corners and not handle your arrest by the letter of the law. This is when an experienced DUI attorney can best help you. I suggest you pick a few attorneys to sit down with and give more information and get a free consultation.

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  4. A attorney was hired to represent two

    Answered about 2 months ago.

    1. Ronald Daniel Hedding
    2. Pearlette Vivian Toussant
    3. Aimee E Kirby
    4. Dmitry Gorin
    5. L. Vincent Ramunno Jr.
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    Need more information to give you an accurate answer. On the surface, there seems to be missing information. I agree with my colleague, there is probably nobody here who could advise you. Have you called the attorney who is representing both clients? I would start there. Next, you can always raise your concern to the local state bar if you feel there are some ethics violations.

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  5. Is it illegal to send your mail to someone else's mailbox and retrieve it?

    Answered 5 days ago.

    1. Ronald Daniel Hedding
    2. Victoria L Clemans
    3. Robert David Richman
    4. Jay Scott Finnecy
    5. Jeremy Brian Gordon
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    Yes if you do not have that person's permission to do so. In fact, that's how many criminals avoid detection of their identity.

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  6. Can I move out of my parents house at the age of 18 if still enrolled in a California High School?

    Answered about 1 month ago.

    1. Ronald Daniel Hedding
    2. Robert Andrew Michael Burns
    3. Robin Marie Estes
    4. Ute Ferdig
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    Sorry to hear about the conditions in your household. My colleagues are correct, once you turn 18, you are considered an adult and can make your own decisions...including moving out.

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  7. Can the victim get into any trouble for breaking a no contact order?

    Answered 6 days ago.

    1. Ronald Daniel Hedding
    2. Dmitry Gorin
    3. Victoria L Clemans
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    If the court that ordered the no contact said it's ok to contact the children, u r fine there. As far u sending him things, u won't get prosecuted but it waters down the effect if the protective order.

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  8. Should family help her get a signature bond which goes against my principles?

    Answered 3 days ago.

    1. Ronald Daniel Hedding
    2. Arnold William Gross
    3. Michael Kevin Cernyar
    4. Matthew Oberlin Williams
    5. Leif Harrison Kleven
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    Obviously the decision whether to help someone in that situation is a personal choice. However, if they do help her and she flees the jurisdiction, they will be responsible for paying the money for the signature bond. Good luck.

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  9. Does petty theft come out in your criminal record

    Answered 10 days ago.

    1. Ronald Daniel Hedding
    2. Joseph Briscoe Dane
    3. Victoria L Clemans
    4. Wayland Christopher Chang
    5. James Roy Dickinson
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    If you weren't arrested and never convicted of a crime, nothing should come up on your record. To be sure, you should do a "live scan" with the Department of Justice. Good luck.

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  10. In california for petty theft before arraignment, first and only offense. is it possible to delete it off my record?

    Answered 26 days ago.

    1. Ronald Daniel Hedding
    2. Kiarash Feyzjou
    3. Arnold William Gross
    4. Michael Kevin Cernyar
    5. Dorinda Jo Myers
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    I agree with Mr. Gross' answer and would add that there are a number of different avenues an experienced criminal defense attorney can explore to try and protect your record. Once big factor will be what you allegedly stole...the less value, the better position you will be in to negotiate. I would wait on telling your employer and see what the result is on your case. There is an arrest record on there now that will be very difficult to seal.

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