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Adam Sacks’s client reviews

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  • Please stay away

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    I recently called Adam on a child support case. First call he was really cool and seemed he knew what he was talking about. He told me to get on that case quickly because it was serious, so the next morning I get to work to scan and email what I had received and the scanner doesn't work. I googled his name and showed an office in van nuys ,which is a couple minutes from my job, and decided I would stop by and drop off copies. When I called him he was upset and really sarcastic. He told me "I wish you weren't so drama about it. When you drop them off slip them under the door I'm getting ready to leave " I said "WHAT" he said "you wanna get this fixed?" I said "yes but you're obviously not the person for this" and just hung up the call. When he called back he had a sluggish voice as if he had just woken up. And I talked to him at 12pm. People just stay away from an unprofessional individual like Adam stacks

  • Stay away! Took $5000 advance for services and did nothing , now swearing at me

    1.0 star

    Posted by KIrk

    I paid his $5000 advance for services to negotiate a child support arrears case. He had did an expungment and another deal for me, and was not forthcoming with anything, and gets really mad when you call him.
    I asked for my money back, he told me to goto arbitration as in our agreement....

    OUR agreement? Show me one, i only agreed to not dispute the charges on my credit card and to arbitration for fees , but when its all about UNEARNED money, he has no leg to stand on.
    I am going all the way on this one, I left a review on here about a month ago, where he had a great rating, now he has requested his rating not be shown.

    i am going to get him what he deserves in court. Not small claims court either. i am a disable veteran, paid full price for your freedom and this is how you repay me?

  • My Review

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Family client

    He represented me for about 5 months. He never gave me a monthly billing statement to be transparent with the charges and he caused a sanction against both of us because his response was not to code, which was requested by opposing counsel. I have proof of that obtained in a letter.