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Richard Kotler’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Valerie (Star So. e-mail)

    Past, Business Litigation

    Fasten your seat belts!!
    Wonderful Mr. R L. Kotler, , is purely such a G R E A T , RARE AND UNIQUE one! And not just overall as an attorney but he 's a gentleman too...that cares and shows it to a client!

    After he represented me over ten years ago as a true family law (divorce), specialist, his doors remained opened for other upward mobility (i.e., a will, etc.),stick to it ness in life. And he framed nicely the words in my life such as "Oh, yeah, successfully divorced"! If you're into music as I am for keeping your chin up and staying mentally strong and tough, you know the exciting music, artist named "Pit Bull"? Well everytime I see or hear that rejuvenating, great artist, literally I get up (slowly now due to a sad, no fault accident), and shake my feet and body REMEMBERING, SALUTING AND THINKING OF "PIT BULL STYLE, NO NONSENSE FIGHTER FOR A CLIENT, R I C H A R D L. K O T L E R (and Ms. Cindy, who runs his riveting office)! Listen, you want this guy and his top and polished, professional staff ON YOUR SIDE!!! Lastly, if you truly know the meaning of saying thanks to someone accomplished and "responsible," like Attorney Kotler (and Mrs. Cindy), you'll forever extend honor and gratitude especially yearly on or near Thanksgiving Day to these rare and heartwarming professionals. Not every legal representative shows heart and compassion to their client (the one they actually work for)..but again Attorney Kotler and staff does as often as they can with even busy work agendas! Gods, and all other high ones we worship, respect and honor, I bet, call on Attorney Kotler!! Way ta go, Kotler!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Craig D.

    You want this man on your side!!!

    My Ex wife is as bad as they come I went Pro Pier at first but let me tell you all the stress is not worth it. After my ex wife filed a false TRO and tryed to pull my kids from me I called Richard he was able to meet with me the same week. Richard gave me the one thing I needed most, a voice in a place where I felt like I as a father did not have one. The law office has a small home town feel and Cindy who runs the office is as good as they come. I was talking to a guy at my work and he was telling me that his ex wife had a ''Pit Bull'' for an lawyer and that he was in Newhall, I asked him who his ex wife had as a lawyer and he said Richard Kotler. I smiled and said Richard is handling my court case, his eyes got big and he said ''Take it from me you got a great lawyer" I would recommend Richard in a heart beat and do every time I get a chance to do so.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Valerie

    Not sure what you mean by title so I'll say was searching for correct zip code for thank you card...

    Richard L. Kotler is one rare and highly seasoned and professional legal eagle. I've had the very distinct pleasure of experiencing he and
    his staff and was always very satisfied.