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Maya Shulman

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  • What happens if an elderly man can't care for himself, has no family and refuses to discuss power of atty?

    My MIL (86) has a male friend (age 87) who has lived in her home for 20 years. He has no friends or family. Their relationship has always been platonic. He came to the US 60 years ago and is estranged from his family. He is legally blind, dia...

    Maya’s Answer

    The answer is to put the man under conservatorship. This can be accomplished by petitioning the Court and have a probate volunteer attorney represent the man.

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  • Are my child support pleadings confidential in a family law case?

    The baby mama obtained a default judgment against me in a paternity action in Los Angeles and now has a judgment against me for $600,000 after like 20 years. Are the pleadings in the case I file now confidential or can anyone come in and review th...

    Maya’s Answer

    Paternity files are not considered public records and therefore are accessible only to the parents and/or their attorneys.

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