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David Romley’s client reviews

     4.5 stars 3 total

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  • very hard case he took on

    3.0 stars

    Posted by Jacquelyn

    He originally promised to meet with an investigator when I had the chance to testify against an LAPD cop that had stalked me for four years and I never got the chance to testify because he ignored me and the investigator which hurt me emotionally and psychologically. I admit I can be a pain and sometimes he is understanding and other times he is very harsh. He is to the best of my knowledge looking for the actual stalker that incited LAPD'S worst and longest lasting police abuse scandal. This "stalker" has been hunting my life for 17 years. I realize this kind of case takes time but sometimes he is right on things and other times he just doesn't give a damn. For instance I am writing a petition against this "stalker" and the LAPD for the website and this attorney promised to give me an opinion before I posted it and I have waited a month and gotten no response which I don't think is fair or appropriate because he promised he would review it before I posted it. How long does he expect me to wait? Other times it is like he has got a sixth sense and he answers the phone when something is going extremely awry. However he doesn't care if other people violate my civil rights galore. He only wants to catch this stalker which is all I hired him for but geez people really do take serious advantage of me. I told him I would need help with catching this stalker and he does have a PI on the case but they are not moving very fast because I don't have a lot of money. He seems smart enough to know that this "stalker" will eventually get caught. Right now we are looking for evidence. That is as objective as I can be.

  • Non profit/Fiduciary/Copyright

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Board Member

    Our non profit organization was told what was happening was terrible but.. 1. it would be expensive and 2. hard to prove, that an ex-board member had optained copyrights to the organization's annual fundraiser and set up their own event. This situation had gotten as far as the exboard member obtaining the copyright under false pretences, creating an event almost identical, to be held-30 days prior to our advertised yearly event, using a venue in a location that the organization had previously used, with the ex board member breaching confidential organization materials and sensitive information. Not only did David Romley win a settlement, it was done in a timely manner, he kept in contact through each step, and was knowledgeable. Mr Romley also was fair in his billings and costs. I would highly recommend obtaining his services.

  • He is so kind and caring lawyer that i never meet any one like him.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Daosawan

    I went to so many lawyer., and most of them is liar and took my money. but he is so kind and take my case with out cash like another Sh... lawyer. I will recommend him the best person and best lawyer.He safe my life from the Ass hole cop.