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  • Is my daughter (17 yrs old) considered an run away if she left her mom and flew to my home (several states away)?

    my daughter indicates she is being neglected-home schooled with no help nor access to her online classes, its now a hostile environment, mom keeps a revolving door of boyfriends, and daughter refuses to return. There is no court custody case, on...

    Athina’s Answer

    need more info but start now a custody case ASAP time is of the essence

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  • Can my room be searched of my guest is on probation and I am not

    Guest on prob I am not

    Athina’s Answer

    is he/she living with you and declare your place as his/her residence ?

    Do you have separate rooms? if not and you leave in the same room your room can be searched but
    you can take some precautions If you want to protect yourself .
    1. put a lock on your door that only you (and your "landlord") have a key to.
    2. have a lease by the owner that you are renting.
    Generally peopl avoid to put themselves in this kind of situations.
    Wish you the best of luck

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  • What is most likely going to be the out come of the ex parte hearing?

    4 years ago my stepsons mom walked out of court right before we went in front of the judge giving my husband full physical and legal custody with her having supervised visitations. Now she has filed an ex parte hearing for some reason. We got a ha...

    Athina’s Answer

    Need more information..If you have notice of the ex parte hearing you need to appear. ..need more details about who signed that letter and who gave you need to check if there is a hearing ..Most of the times ex parte motions or order are placed on the court calendar for next court date...
    You can appear and ask continuance since you have no time to respond or prepare yourselves.
    nOW depends from the hearing and the procedure..Need more info

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  • Chances of obtaining legal custody of 3 year old son? Does he have chance for joint custody?

    Seeking full legal custody. Father is inconsistent, has seen child less than 20 times in 3.5 years. Claims he wants to be a good father but hasn't mad necessary sacrifices or steps to be in childs life. He isnt abusive, doesnt do drugs, kind perso...

    Athina’s Answer

    Only one time I had the judge giving full legal custody to the mother. The father was a gang member had conviction for domestic violence , his kids were present at gun point arrest ..It does not seem the person you described as the father of your child has bad habit convictions domestic violence ..In my opinion and experience a judge will not give you full legal custody...

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  • Do i need to worry about a contract?

    I was working with a producer. Turned out hes been extorting me and now intimidating me with legal reprocutions for not working with him anymore. Do i have anything to worry about since he didnt honor his end of the bargain being that he didnt pay...

    Athina’s Answer

    need more information need to know that there are many issues you raise with your question that need clarification .First you write about extortion..what kind of extortion and what exactly are you afraid that will use to extort you with....Second you write about profits that you di d not you have a way to prove that he/she made profits ( evidence are very important)?? Third you say about your music ..this is an additional issue that is very serious. Did you ask the producer to stop using your music ?
    All the above must be answered in order to have a serious response to your questions....
    NOw the intimitation part...Another serious issue..He/She tries psychologicatlly to literay stop you from taking any action against that person......the producer wants you to be numb in order not to react..
    Obviously this is not the producer's "first time at the rodeo"

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  • How do I sue someone for failure to return back car title after failing to make payments ?

    A friend was going through a tough time so we made a contract with agreement to make payments towards a car he failed to make any payments now he his being stubborn and not giving back the title, even n after admitting he was wrong and giving bac...

    Athina’s Answer

    you need to file a lien FIRST to make sure he/she not transfer the car to somebody else

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  • How to stop a paternity test

    I have an ex-boyfriend that is a bit obsessed and believes I'm pregnant by him.. I'm certain I'm not, I have had to take action for a restraining order but I believe he will try to get me to do a court ordered test. How can I stop this?

    Athina’s Answer

    the question is confusing ..Are you pregnant??that is the main question here...If yes and he is not the father then there is no problem ..If he is obsessed you know the way TRO... but all that is terrible and you need to stop this obsessive behavior ASAP

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  • I'm a non legal resident who has a child with an American. He is still emotionally and verbally abusive, what can I do?

    I'm a Canadian, staying in California, I'm not a legal resident and can't get legal aide. I've tried twice. Because I am unable to work here, my daughter and I have been staying with her paternal grandma. This past March my exes home was searched ...

    Athina’s Answer

    many issues bu you really need to find a solution ASAP. You can get food stamps. Did you married that man? If yes you can go with WAVA. If you did not married him you must wait for the DAKA .You must address issues with an Immigration lawyer

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  • Senior invested her retirement savings through her son's and his gf's company. Gf ditched the son & took mom's money.

    My bro & family-- long-time GF + kids-- have been struggling financially ever since the 2008 crisis. My elderly mom used her retirement savings to help fund real estate investments through their company (really his in practice). When the propertie...

    Athina’s Answer

    Need more details. What you described is terrible but depending from the evidence you have you can bring a legal action against that woman.

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