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  • I live in California and I would like to meet with an attorney to discuss a matter related to an Arizona irrevocable trust.

    About a year ago I was forced to resign from my father's business. In the resignation form I am to be given $1.2 million over six years as an advance on my inheritance. Also, in 1994 my parents opened an irrevocable trust. There is no mention of...

    Athina’s Answer

    I will advise you to immediately hire a lawyer without any hesitation because that tremendous difference in the amounts signify that something went wrong

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  • My last job is withholding money owed to me, and will not give me a date when I will get it.

    I have been given two different answers but r sill have not received anything

    Athina’s Answer

    Send them a certified letter return receipt requested
    And depending from the amount file against them
    do not wait. statutes of limitations apply

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  • Can a party go to the court and ask to get another party terminally admitted to a mentally ill facility in CA?

    Hi. Thank you for reading this. I recently received an e-mail from my uncle's wife who alleges my mother has been harassing him via social media. Though I have group text messages of my uncle bashing my mother to our whole family, including my m...

    Athina’s Answer

    you need to consider a civil harassment filing against those individual including libel .

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  • Smoking in an apartment with a child present, legal or not?

    Landlord allows smoking within the apartment. I don't smoke, but my roommate does and there is a child within the home. Is this illegal? I looked online for CA laws regarding this, but only came across it being illegal to smoke in a vehicle with a...

    Athina’s Answer

    the legality and illegality of that must be addressed wth the issue of parental care

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  • My son's mother just enrolled him into a private school without discussing anything with me prior. I can't afford private school

    After our court hearing and both of us having joint physical/legal custody, she still continues to disregard court orders as far as making executive decisions without discussing them with me. We both went down and applied for one school last month...

    Athina’s Answer

    need more have a small child only 4 years old.
    You have a bad start in this point and you need to check the custody paper.
    Yes under the law you must agree for issues of in this point you will have a more immediate problem if you can not pay the school the other parent selected.
    You need to file an RFO in order to modify the part of the custody in reference to the selection of school and who will pay if you disagree.

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  • Two property insurance policies were issued fraudulently naming me as the beneficiary on property I didn't own.

    The insurance co,agent/broker stated that he attested to the fact that it was properly issued but, in fact, it was part of an insurance scam to use my identity and SS# to further there larger fraudulent transactions. As a direct result, my checkin...

    Athina’s Answer

    what you think and what is going to happen is an entirely different issue....
    YOU Definitely need a lawyer that knows about fraud to try to find solution for this Gordian Knot.
    And you need to do that fast

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  • I was the victim of a ponzi scheme.I lost $8000. I live in los angeles and the person who received my money is in Reno nevada.

    I was convinced to invest money with someone. They connected me to 2 financing loan companies. When I look online others lost money as well. So I would like to aim for a class action suit. Ive contacted the district attorney and they said this was...

    Athina’s Answer

    you need to go back to the source and make research that you bring other victims in the surface

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  • What is the ramification for this??

    A bank released information about my personal account to a person who is not a member of the institution, and was not a joint account holder, he had no identification and still was given information without me being present or authorizing the disc...

    Athina’s Answer

    depends if the person subpoena your common account

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  • Do i have a good chance of a dismissal if search warrant has the correct house and street address, but city & zip are incorrect?

    my city is los angeles ca 90059, search warrant says compton ca 90221

    Athina’s Answer

    need more facts..everything depends from the details of your case...

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  • BANKRUPTCY: divorce judge ruled i had to pay my ex $200,000 because i could not prove separate funds

    -i had a bank account in my name during marriage belonging to my parents which i returned to them. my husband testified in hearing it was my separate funds but later in trial he said it was community. the judge said i owed community $200,00...

    Athina’s Answer

    It is common in cases like this the judge gives payment plan of those amounts...
    Motion for reconsideration, Appeals Additionally to tracing of source of that amount is the answer
    Explore the possibilities of fraud, forgery, perjury and many more is an option if there is factual basis
    Yes interest accrues and bankruptcy is not saving you in this point

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