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Ann Marie Fitz

Ann Fitz’s Legal Guides

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  • White Collar Crime FAQs

    The majority of my practice focuses on the defense of federal white collar crimes, which can be a confusing area of law for people who are unfamiliar with the system. In that vein, I've compiled some basic questions and answers regarding white collar criminal defense to help shed...

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  • Your Right to a Fair Trial

    An Overview of Criminal Defense In recent decades, the likelihood of an arrest leading to a conviction has generally risen. Some defendants think that they can "beat the system" on their own. Those who have been through the criminal court system know better: having an experience...

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  • Constitutional Right to Counsel

    The Right to Counsel The Sixth Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees the right to an attorney to anyone facing federal criminal charges. The 14th Amendment and some state constitutions also afford this right to anyone facing state felony charges. Those who are indigent an...

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  • Defenses to Crimes

    Generally speaking, there are 2 basic components to every crime: the criminal act (actus reus) and the criminal intent (mens rea). Thus, the prosecution must prove not only that the defendant committed an act prohibited by the law, but that he/she also had the intent to commit t...

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  • Criminal Defense Basics

    Due Process Our criminal justice system is complex, both conceptually and procedurally. To ensure the fairness of the proceedings, each court system has its own rules of criminal procedure that govern the actions of all players: police, defense lawyers, prosecutors, judges and ...

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  • Finding a Job After a Criminal Conviction

    If you have been convicted of a crime, you may wonder if you will be able to find employment. Employers are becoming increasingly concerned about knowing whether applicants have criminal records. Part of this concern stems from large jury verdicts that have been rendered against ...

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