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  • Extraordinary Writ Petitions in the California Courts of Appeal

    Writ petitions at the state Courts of Appeal are called extraordinary for good reason.They are frequently futile but often provide the only hope for relief from a devastating interlocutory order.They are sometimes mandatory (i.e., the order cannot be appealed even after entry of...

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  • Important Appellate Terms That Clients Need to Know

    The appeals process can be complex and daunting. The job of your appellate attorney is to provide the expertise and experience needed to help you navigate successfully through the legal system. Below, are some of the key terms used to describe the appellate process. Appellant:The...

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  • Critical Appellate Deadlines in California

    Of the hundreds of special rules, procedures and principles applicable to civil appeals in the state and Federal courts, perhaps none are as important or as complicated as the deadlines for filing your Notice of Appeal. Although a Notice of Appeal is typically a simple one page...

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  • How to Choose an Appellate Attorney to Represent You

    Once you have decided to retain an appellate attorney, the next task is to choose one. Some attorneys will claim they can handle your case at the Court of Appeal, but have little or no actual experience doing so. Good appellate counsel will have the experience, credentials, and ...

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  • When do you need an Appellate Law Specialist in California?

    Appeals are very different from any proceeding that takes place in the trial court. The Courts of Appeal have special rules governing appellate procedure. More important, the Courts of Appeal see cases from a different perspective than the trial court or jury. Appellate attorney...

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