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  • Can I be arrested for sending a picture of me holding a fake gun as a joke to a friend ?

    Hello I was shooting a comedy YouTube video month . on the set there was lots of props and toys like fake guns , riffles etc.. I took a picture of me holding a fake gun I sent it to my friend as a joke . We are no longer friends for other reaso...

    Armen’s Answer

    If you and her are no longer friends why in the world you would send her a picture holding a gun, even if it is a fake gun? The intent is must probably to intimidate her which can be a cause for making terrorist threat.

    If the cops show up do not talk to them without a lawyer. Get yourself a good criminal defense lawyer and keep him/her on a retainer just in case they come for you.

    By the way, people can terrorize or threaten people even with you guns.

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  • My grandmother might have had a medical mal practice surgery. What are the steps to see if a claim is possible?

    This happened 9 to 12 months ago. There was a surgery meant to correct a back injury which either didn't turn out well or was done wrong and worsened her condition. She then had another surgery that didn't result in anything better. What do we ...

    Armen’s Answer

    Once your grandma gets her records schedule a free consultation for her. She should talk to both, workers compensation and medical malpractice lawyer.

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  • How I qualify for SSI

    I am not able to walk I need hip replacement in both of my legs I have sciatic nerve I take morphine and norco for pain how do I qualify to get SSI

    Armen’s Answer

    You have to ask your succor if your disability is going to last at least 1 year or more. If so, get it in writing. Once you have that, you're eligible to apply. The application can be done online at by phone or in person at your local social security office.

    You can also hire a lawyer to help you.

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  • Do I possibly have a case when a medical professional proceeded to do a needle biopsy using contrast and caused severe pain ?

    Caused a hematoma in (L)thigh Been suffering unable to walk use wheelchair/ walker Nerve damage/consistent spasms

    Armen’s Answer

    You'll need to get your records so you're case can be evaluated.

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  • Can I get an attorney (a 2nd but independent counsel) at the insurance company's expense if I am being sued for personal injury?

    I am being sued $150,000 above my policy limit for a car accident about 1.5 years ago. Policy limit is already pretty high at $100,000 per person. No police report, the other party (one person) refused paramedics during time of accident. The insur...

    Armen’s Answer

    First, your parents statutory liability, as owners, are capped at $15k, unless they were independently negligent for entrusting their vehicle to someone who is a high risk driver.

    Second, you're not entitled to Cumis counsel (second lawyer at insurance company's expense) unless the defense is under a reservation of rights.

    Third, demand from your insurance adjuster and defense lawyer in writing to settle the case within your policy limits. If they refuse and there is an excess judgment, then the insurance company has to pay the entire judgment or risk being sued for bad faith.

    Good luck.

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  • Do I have a case?

    my foot got caught on a caution sign at Del Taco and now my knee has a complete tear and now I need surgery

    Armen’s Answer

    You may have a case. You should speak with a personal injury lawyer in order to see if your case is viable,

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  • While in custody by Riverside County I experienced Medical Negligence, Cruel and Unusual punishment, Withholding of medication a

    as Disciplinary action, Overcrowded and Unsanitary Conditions, denial of a needed surgery, Is it best to use an out of county firm. When suing in the same county?

    Armen’s Answer

    Not necessarily. No matter who your lawyer is he or she has to strive to do the best possible work for you.

    I'm changing your case designation from medical malpractice to civil rights so you get response from appropriate practitioners.

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  • Does CA law require auto insurance companies to inform me of their decision regarding a claim within a certain amount of time?

    I have not received a call from the company in at least 3 weeks, and the only communication has been when I call them or my insurance company calls them on my behalf. I submitted everything they asked for. The only thing I received from them is th...

    Armen’s Answer

    Under California law, the insurance composure must respond to your written inquiry no later than 15 days and must inform you of their liability decision no later than 40 days.

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  • I have a SSI appointment for payee income over the last year,but can't make it. Can I re-apply for SSI for my child?

    I am the payee for my child and start a new job next week&can't make the appointment.I called SSI to see if I can mail the info or have an attorney go for me and they said I have to go. My friend said if they cut-off SSI,just reapply&i will get th...

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    Request rescheduling in writing. Either fax it, overnite it or have it delivered. If they won't reschedule and deny, you will be able to appeal and overturn rather easily.

    If you don't want all that headache, you'll ask your new employer for leave to attend the appointment.

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