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Nicole Quijano Valera

Nicole Valera’s Legal Guides

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  • How does bail work in California?

    My friend has been arrested and her bail is set at $10,000 - she hasn't seen the judge yet. The police have followed the bail schedule for her charge and that's where they came up with $10,000. You

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  • My Child has been arrested and we just went to court - why does probation want to talk to us?

    Why does probation want to talk to us? During your child's first court date (arraignment), the court will order a probation interview. The purpose of the interview is to get background information a

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  • I've been charged with a crime - What happens at the arraignment?

    What is an arraignment? An arraignment is a hearing where you are required to come to court and enter a plea. It is the first court date for criminal proceedings and starts the clock on your speedy

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  • Help! My Child Has Been Arrested - A California Guide to Protecting Your Child

    What happens on the first court date? The first court date is an arraignment where your child's attorney will enter a denial of the petition (charges) and obtain the discovery from the DA, including

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  • Picking the Right Criminal Defense Attorney

    Ask your friends for referrals Start asking your friends and family if they know any criminal defense attorneys. Talk to the person who was represented by the attorney and ask what their personal ex

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  • You Have the Right to Remain Silent – What to Do If the Police Want to Talk

    Remain calm Of course it's hard to do - you've just been arrested and you're handcuffed in the back of the patrol vehicle. Or maybe police officers have come out to your home or work and what to ask

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