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  1. Can a Confidential Informant legally continue to sell drugs to maintain his credibility out in the streets?

    Answered 3 months ago.

    1. Richard Glenn Elie
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    4. Neil Bryan Shouse
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    Be very careful, it may well be a trap to get you arrested again, to get more leverage on you, and then to squeeze you for more "cooperation." I would get a lawyer and get it in writing that you are working under their direction as an informant, and that you have immunity from any arrest or prosecution stemming from the informant activities.

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  2. Does time served mean case is over?

    Answered 3 months ago.

    1. Brian A. Kelley
    2. William Jordan Steed III
    3. Benjaman Tabiess Adams
    4. Bennett Asbury Hutson
    5. Neil Bryan Shouse
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    "Time served" means the judge is giving you credit for the jail time you served up until now, and not imposing further jail time at present. But if you're placed on probation, and you've served less than the maximum jail time, the judge could still impose more jail time later on if you violate your probation or pick up a new case. So in short, "time served" means no more jail for now -- but doesn't necessarily mean you couldn't get more jail time later on.

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