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  1. Using the ADA to secure a Continuance for Clients with Health or Mental Health Issues

    Written by attorney David Glass, over 2 years ago.

    Pursuant to California Rules of Court 3.1332(c), although continuances of trials are disfavored, each request for a continuance must be considered on its own merits. Circumstances that will indicate good cause for a continuance include: a partys excused inability to obtain essent...

  2. How to Talk to Your Child or Children About Your Divorce

    Written by attorney David Glass, about 4 years ago.

    Your primary goal is to protect your children while being as open and honest as you can.If at all possible, both parents need to be present when telling the children about the divorce so they can reinforce firsthand that although they will no longer be married, they will always b...

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  3. 6 Great Ways to Make the Divorce Easier for Your Children

    Written by attorney David Glass, about 4 years ago.

    Reassure Your Child Children want to hear that everything is going to work out "alright." They need to hear that their parents have a plan, and that plan has things that are important to the child as