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Daniel Joseph Weintraub

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  • Bankruptcy

    My ex husband took out a loan on our home before we was divorced and I was cosigner and he remarried again and was living in KY and they filed for bankruptcy or chapter 11 one, anyway he had to list the home I was livingin and still living in when...

    Daniel’s Answer

    You should consult with a family law expert in your state as divorce laws vary greatly from state to state. The key question is whether or not you received title to the home at the time of the divorce. If so, then it would seem to me that no portion of the title (ie., ownership) of your home became property of your former husband's bankruptcy estate. If not, than you former husband's interest in the title became property of his bankruptcy estate and must be resolved with that court. Not sure what you mean by the judge claiming your home as exempt. Do you mean the judge allowed an exemption claim made by your ex-husband? More information is needed here. The short answer to your question is get to a divorce lawyer asap. You may also need to consult a bankruptcy attorney is your home is involved in your ex husband's bankruptcy case.

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