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Robert Miller

Robert Miller’s Legal Guides

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  • How do I find grandma's Will?

    The question comes up so often I've decided to write a guide. After he/she has passed away, how do you find the Will? It will come as a surprise to many that there is really no central repository for wills, and the answer may be as elusive as human ingenuity can devise.

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  • Statute of Limitations -- don't wait too long!

    The law requires diligence and punishes for asserting stale claims. This guide only refers to civil cases and any questions about criminal matters would not be found here.

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  • Adverse Possession of Real Property in California

    Adverse Possession is the basis of a court action where a person occupying real property may sue to acquire good title to real property owned by someone else. The basic requirements are: (1) the possession must be for 5 years;are: (2) the occupier must pay the real property ...

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  • Specific Performance of Real Estate Contract

    This is about enforcing a contract to buy or sell real property, when you are not looking for damages for breach of contract, or even rescission of a contract, but to compel performance of the contract.

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  • Elder Abuse -- remedies for taking advantage of senior citizens.

    Too often a senior is taken advantage of, most frequently but not necessarily by persons closest to them. Perceived as more vulnerable the legislature has enacted special protections.

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  • Will Contests

    Whether or not to contest a Will is a very important question with many issues to consider.

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  • "Partition", Co-ownership and how to get out of it.

    We hear it all the time, I own some property with "my brother/partner/other and I/he wants to sell but he/I don't want to." This article discusses "partition", the inevitable consequence of co-ownership or real property.

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