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Curtis Frederic Pierce

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    REPORTING OUR CLIENTS FOR DISCIPLINE TO SAVE OUR CLIENTS FROM DEPORTATION: AN INEFFECTIVE SYSTEM By Curtis Pierce and Matthew Hall In the practice of immigration law, attorneys try to help their clients stay in America. In so doing, we are sometimes like good soldiers who do not...

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  • E-2 Visa Processing at the American Embassy in Paris

    I recently had the privilege of being invited by the American Business School Paris to present a seminar en franais on US Immigration Law, specifically business immigration. The event drew a large following of enthusiastic Parisians, students as well as professionals, all hungry ...

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  • Perm and Labor Certification For Dummies

    PERM AND LABOR CERTIFICATION FOR DUMMIES What is PERM? A law creating a permanent wave of immigration for foreign laborers in America? Not exactly. PERM, which stands for Program Electronic Record Management, refers to the relatively new regulations (or laws) pertaining to how...

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  • Immigration Court: What Happens? Will I Be Deported?

    IMMIGRATION COURT: WHAT NOW? WILL I BE DEPORTED? (FAQs) I have been summoned to Immigration Court? What if I just don't show up? Don't even think of it. If you miss your hearing, you will be ordered REMOVED IN ABSENTIA. In other words, you will be ordered deported in your ab...

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  • I Married A US Citizen: Now what? When do I get my green card?

    IMMIGRATION THROUGH MARRIAGE TO AN AMERICAN CITIZEN I just married an American citizen. (I'm so excited.) Now what? How do I get my green card? Congratulations. Obtaining your permanent residency based on your marriage will depend on a number of factors. First of all, how d...

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