Suspected of wrong-doing, at risk for being charged, and with a subsequent strong recommendation from a friend, I met with and retained Thomas Viloria to represent me. His extensive background as a criminal defense lawyer, preceded by a record of distinguished service as a prosecutor assigned to major cases in the office of the county district attorney, initially gave me confidence that I had made a good choice.

In the course of our professional relationship I found Mr. Viloria to be knowledgeable in the laws and procedures applicable to my case. Numerous times during the many months that followed, Mr. Viloria met and effectively spoke with me and others (on my behalf), advising me and reporting developments, and (together with his able staff) preparing and transmitting vital documents promptly. Although Mr. Viloria and I were formerly unaquainted, and despite his perpetually busy schedule, it soon became apparent that Mr. Viloria's interest in me and my case was sincere. When advisable, he referred me to competent professionals in other fields who proved to be most helpful. As we worked on my case, he repeatedly showed concern for the anxiety and stress that accompanied my situation by his responsiveness and warm, down-to-earth manner. I came to appreciate that I had placed myself in the hands of a highly intelligent, quick-thinking, articulate and self-confident advocate, known and respected in the legal community.

Mr. Viloria's expertise, dedication, perseverance, determination, enormous energy and hard work contributed immensely to the eventual positive outcome in the case. I consider myself extraordinarily fortunate to have met and engaged this consumate professional who demonstrated, throughout the duration, his resourcefulness, patience, thoughtful sensitivity, humor, interpersonal "people" skills and multiple talents in his service to me.

I am happy to provide this unconditional and enthusiastic recommendation of Thomas Viloria, a truly accomplished counselor and gentleman and his awesome team.