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  • Entire wheel assembly snapped off while driving at low speeds and smooth road. Potential product defect/liability.

    Entire front passenger wheel assembly snapped off while driving, including brake caliper which snapped in half, and strut which also snapped off. Low speeds between 15-20 miles on smooth roads. Lost control of vehicle and hit 2 parked cars. There ...

    Jonathan’s Answer

    Something like this happened to me over a decade ago. I had bought a new "demo" Chevy car and my family was driving on the highway. Suddenly the car went out of control, went to the shoulder, brushed a rock face and stopped on the shoulder. The rear axle had broken. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

    I was insured by State Farm at the time. I advised that I thought this was a defective product. State Farm paid me the value of the car minus my $500 deductible and subrogated against General Motors. I was called to testify at a trial before a judge who decided against GM. State Farm got back what they paid me and I got back my $500 deductible.

    I don't think GM paid any real attention to what they probably considered a trivial claim.

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  • Can I Sue Walgreen for getting me the some one eles medication

    I am 18 weeks and 6 days pregnant I went to Walgreens on the 29th of May to get my medicine filled and when I picked up my medicine they have given me somebody else this medicine I've used to see Walgreen for many years so I usually do not look at...

    Jonathan’s Answer

    People who criticize lawyers for doing too much suing usually have in mind a case where the person doing the suing wasn't really hurt. However, as the prior answers to your question show, it is pretty darn hard to sue for real money without a real injury.

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  • Does a probate judge need to understand Federal Law?

    Does a probate judge have the expertise to understand federal law pertaining to a probate matter? If he or she does not, do they find someone who does or can they just "rule" on how much they do understand? In other words, can they just throw out ...

    Jonathan’s Answer

    All judges expect the advocate of a particular legal argument to cite compelling legal authority, usually statutes or court decisions. Some judges will limit their "legal research" to what is in the lawyer's arguments (hopefully after checking out the cited legal authority) and others will do their own research or have their law clerks do their own research. Being a conscientious judge can be very hard because the judge, unlike the private practice lawyer, has to accept all sort of cases with all sorts of complex issues, whereas a private practice lawyer can decline to take a case outside their area of expertise.

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  • Does a small estate affidavit have to filed with Clark County Probate Court?

    My father-in-law passed away in April of this year. There was no will. He only has a few accounts with money in them and it is under $20,000. There was no property and my husband is the only dependent and there is no spouse. The bank is asking...

    Jonathan’s Answer

    Let me just add something to Ms. Goldsmith's answer:

    There are basically 4 levels of probate proceedings in Nevada. The simplest is an Affidavit of Entitlement. If you go that route you can Google "Probate Court Clark County Nevada" and eventually find a form for such an Affidavit. That is presented to the bank, not filed with the court. Please do not call me with questions about that procedure. My firm does not help people do these as they can do them themselves.

    The second level of probate is a set aside without administration.

    The third and fourth levels are summary and general administration. Letters Testamentary or Letters of Administration are only issued for summary and general administration. They are never issued in connection with an affidavit of entitlement or a set aside without administration.

    If the estate is under $20,000 and you decide to use an affidavit of entitlement and a bank clerk says you need "Letters Testamentary" just ask the bank clerk to confirm with the bank's legal counsel that Letters Testamentary are not issued unless there is a summary or general probate proceeding.

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  • Where can I find a lawyer to help my mom with my grandmother's will and estate. My grandma passed on Jan.7 .2015 .

    My mom needs a lawyer she lives in Buffalo, ny, we need a lawyer who will help make sure everything is done right . We need a lawyer we won't have to pay until the case settles.

    Jonathan’s Answer

    Many lawyers will take on such a case and wait for the case to resolve to get paid if: 1) The case is uncontested, and 2) The lawyer is convinced the estate will have cash to pay the legal bills. Look up lawyers on to get a top rated one and call around for the best terms. Don't be shy talking about fees with lawyers.

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  • I am a California chiropractor. I was wondering what is the proper/ethical protocol to refer a patient to an attorney.

    In referring, do we need to offer a list of attorneys, or can we refer to just one?

    Jonathan’s Answer

    Most attorneys and chiropractors are in mutual referral relationships. I refer to you; you refer to me. This works if both sides serve the client well.

    You don't want to refer your patient to an attorney who fails either to handle his or her cases well or fails to have satisfied clients. (Some lawyers do a good job on the case but aggravate clients by not taking their calls in a timely manner, etc.)

    You will never go wrong if you offer your patient a choice of attorneys, but you may refer to just one. In either case disclose your relationship, if any, with the attorney such as, "John Doe of Doe and Roe and I often refer clients/patients to each other. Generally, my patients are happy with John which I why I keep referring him my patients. However, I don't get any money for a referral and if you want to go with another lawyer, I can work with whoever your choose."

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  • Car accident retainer

    Was in the hospital after surgery daughter found attorney signed retainer. I never signed retainer

    Jonathan’s Answer

    If you didn't sign the agreement, you are not bound by it.

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  • What extra personal injury insurance to buy for non-driving senior in case injured while in someone else's car?

    Young neighbors of my live-alone, non-driving senior grandpa often give my grandpa rides. These rides are necessary. His young neighbors only have limited liability. What extra Personal injury insurance he can buy to protect himself for God-fo...

    Jonathan’s Answer

    That's a very intelligent question. Obviously, a CA ins. agent may come up with a better answer than I can give. But, since your grandpa does not own a car or is not a member of a car owning household, I believe that neither car insurance nor homeowner's insurance will provide the protection you are looking for.

    You may be limited to some sort of general accidental injury or death insurance policy, assuming that he already has good medical insurance.

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  • Legal fee for a personal injury case in Atlanta

    Is there any law that governs how much an attorney that help me in a personal injury case could charge? For example, can he charge 50% of the the proceeds?

    Jonathan’s Answer

    You haven't said what kind of personal injury case or what kind of damages or any other facts about the case. For example, if you were in a car wreck caused by a WalMart truck and the police investigation put 100% blame on the WalMart driver and you had several broken bones you would be in a much better position to get a low contingency fee than if your personal injury case is a sore back from slipping on water at a Walmart store.

    Some lawyers answering this are question have told you what local standard are. However, such standards are not fixed by statute. You might want to Google something like "low cost" or "low fee" Personal injury attorneys in Atlanta, GA, and see which attorneys are trying to compete on price. Then you check out their ratings, call the GA state bar and see if the attorney is free of any disciplinary problem and go to other lawyer rating websites.

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  • Does 'right of survivorship' have to be on a property deed to pass to a survivor?

    All stocks and the home were registered in the name of the husband, wife and daughter as co-owners. If there was no clause "right of survivorship", does that make it a subject for probate? Assuming the total value is more than $100,000, does th...

    Jonathan’s Answer

    The law is state specific. The residence of the decedent controls financial accounts and the state the real estate is located in determines the home.

    For example, in Nevada a deed to Jack and Jill as joint tenants makes a joint tenancy without the need for any other language. But, in Nevada, a deed to Jack and Jill as husband and wife, with no other language, does not create a joint tenancy.

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