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  1. Should You Buy Generic Drugs or Name Brand Drugs? A Product Liability Litigation Perspective

    Written by attorney Don Springmeyer, over 1 year ago.

    Its Not Just the Purchase PriceThe primary consideration usually cited in advice for consumers to buy generic drugs, when they are available to substitute for brand name drugs, is price: the generics are cheaper. The United States Supreme Court has just intoduced another consider...

  2. Ethics and Conflicts - Can a Lawyer Son Represent His Father Against His Mother in a Divorce Case?

    Written by attorney Don Springmeyer, over 2 years ago.

    TTh Nevada Supreme Court has justheldthat the son of a divorcing couple is not disqualified from representing his father in the litigation: This original petition for a writ of mandamus raises two novel issues regarding attorney disqualification: should an attorney who represents...

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