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Jennifer V Abrams

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  • Can I sue for property in old divorce.

    My ex lied about a DV incident and I was put in prison. While there she divorced me got judgments for child support and sold everything I had in the world including family items that were mine from my childhood that I had inheirited. She sold ever...

    Jennifer’s Answer

    I'm going to address your inquiry in three parts: First, you discuss issues from 10 years ago. It appears that you are just giving some background as to your ex spouse's character and not seeking specific advice regarding those events. Second, you indicate that your ex is using your last name. If she chose not to restore her maiden name or a former name at the time of divorce (i.e., she may have chosen to keep her married name so as to have the same last name as the child(ren), she is entitled to do so. It is the third issue that, if true, if problematic. You should obtain your credit report and see if there are any accounts on there that you do not recognize to be your accounts. You should also call the cable company and find out the service addresses for any and all accounts in your name.

    If she is, in fact, using your name without your permission, you should consider your alternatives and how your action(s) will affect your child (for example, you probably don't want to shut off electricity at the home where your child resides with your ex).

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