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Nadin Cutter

Nadin Cutter’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Joe

    A real profesional

    Nadine was able to settle my personal injury case and removed negative information from my credit report that was added by a doctor when I tried to handle the case myself ..Everything was expdited because I was in the process of buying a house.. Thanks Nadine you are truly a great person

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Mel Johnson

    Simply The Best

    I hired Nadine several months ago to handle my personal injury case.. Originally i tried to handle this case myself which was an idiot move on my part and State Farm offered me a few thousand dollars just to stop calling them . Nadine was able to get me more than $72000 . She is persistent,honest and has earned my business for any future issues that may arise. Nadine gets results..extremely nice and professional....

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Olive Knaus


    I hired Nadine to do the collections for my small business. She was very particular about getting her retainer in the form of a cashiers check in a prompt manner to her which I did. Once I gave her the retainer she completely stopped communicating with me. She did not reply to emails or phone calls. Her assistant was rude and claimed that she was never available. After a few weeks of trying to get in contact with her we requested our retainer back and she promised to mail it. She never mailed it and again it was weeks and weeks of contacting her office to get a retainer refund. She took over a month to return the money and then STOLE $500 out of the retainer claiming she needed it for administrative costs although she NEVER did ANY work for us. When I called her and asked her for an accounting of the $500 deduction she stated that "its internal information that I cannot release".

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Matthew

    Find another lawyer......ANYBODY!

    I recently obtained a judgement against a contractor and was looking for a collection attorney so I setup a consultation with Nadin Cutter. I was googling collection attorneys and her rating stood out and she was right down the street from my house. I phoned her office and her assistant set something up for the following Monday but made it "tentative" as she wasn't "100% positive the attorney would be there that day and time" which seemed odd to me since I was given an appointment time and date. I was told I would be called back to confirm the appointment so she just put me on the calender. No phone call was ever returned. So I phoned back the office and made an inquiry and find out if I could get my appointment. This time I spoke to her assitant Melvin who apologized and couldn't explain why I never recieved a phone call. He then scheduled me to come in the coming Friday which I did and I was there about 10 minutes prior to my appointment time. When I came into the office the first thing I noticed is there were kids running around everywhere. Seemed like a day care center. I was taken to a consultation room, and after waiting about 15 minutes past my appointment, I was told she was on the phone and would be with me as soon as possible. About 23 mintues after my appointment, she finally came in and started to listen to my cases. I explained my judgement against the contractor and also a collection case from my previous tenants that bailed on me. My questions about my tenants ate up most of my free 10 minute consultation so when I asked her about my contractor case she promptly and politely I needed to pay her $250/hr rate which I agreed to pay for a half hour. I don't mind paying for consultation since I believe nothing is free in this world but I have to point out my time isn't worthless either and the missed and late appointments maybe should have counted for something. I didn't say anything but I thought that was a little rude given she was 23 minutes late. Anyway, as I was telling her about my judgement and situation, she kept going off track advertising her other services. I mentioned I had a house, she tried to sell me on getting her to set up an LLC for it. She then asked if I had a car and I said I did and she asked if it was in my name. I'm like, "WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH WHAT I'M PAYING FOR YOU TO ADVISE ME ON?" I would say more than half of my consultation was her advertising to me all her other services she does and this is after I had another attorney whom I consider a friend to handle these things. On top of that, she said "I don't know" or "I'm not sure" on a lot of key points about the collection. At about 22 minutes into my paid for 1/2 hour I just left even though I had more questions as I could tell this was a waste of time. Upon asking for a receipt, I was given a hand written note on an Adams note. VERY CHEAP. The only good thing I could say is they let me change to CC once I realized I wrote the check on my personal account. The next day I decide I would possibly retain since I was in a rush to garnish this guy's wages and didn't have time to shop around. There was one question which I emailed her about that would get cleared up. No response. I sent more emails to get a more legitimate receipt on Excel or something (which I was told I WOULD DEFINITALY GET since they charge a fee for using credit cards that was not reflected on my other "receipt") and still no answer days later after I was assured it would be emailed prompty after my CC was charged. On top of that the question I was refering too dealt specifically about attorney's fees in the event she couldn't collect. I get the feeling this was deliberatly avoided just to remain ambiguous. I always felt like it was, "Just sign here and I'll take care of everything." I was quoted prices but couldn't get those prices in writing. She DEFINATELY was getting paid; not so sure about me.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jaime

    Nadin Cutter, My amazing Lawyer

    I am the father of an amazing little girl, and recently I had to fight for the custody of her because I was scared for her safety. In Nevada as an unwed father I did not have many rights over my daughter which made me even more concerned. Then I had some incidents occur that made me sure that I had to seek sole legal and sole physical custody of my daughter. After doing my research I found Nadin Cutter and her team to be the best for the tough case I had ahead of me. Sure enough from day one Nadin was excited and passionate about representing me. Nadin and her team included me in everything, answered any questions or doubts, kept me informed on new developments, and worked very hard for me to have my daughter safe by my side. Nadin was always on time and prepared for court, and briefed me on what was going to be discussed in court that day. Thanks to Nadin and her excellent team today I have sole legal and sole physical custody of my beautiful daughter. I trusted Nadin with the most important person in my life and she delivered. Since she was so amazing I recommended Nadin to two of my close family members, she represented them with the same passion and fantastic knowledge of the law and I will continue to recommend Nadin Cutter Esq..

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Robert

    Extraordinarily Grateful!

    (First, please allow me to apologize for the tardiness - Nadin, I'm sorry!)

    Nadin Cutter and her staff are kind, caring, and personable...and that's just the initial interview. We hired her to terminate parental rights on an abusive biological father, which is extremely difficult, even with overwhelming evidence.

    She obviously put so much time and effort on our case. Reading through the verdict, every important and pertinent point that needed to be made, was done in absolute and convincing fashion. Furthermore, she treated my family with great compassion at every step of the process.

    Personally, my favorite part of our experience is Nadin's ability to go from amazingly sweet to "f#$% you up" at the flip of a switch! (Sorry, but I'm making this as detailed and honest as possible lol!) There is NOTHING shy or reserved about this woman when it comes to defending her client! She constantly maintains her composure like a professional, but holy cow, do NOT attempt to b.s. this woman or push her client around because (and I simply cannot stress this enough) Nadin.Simply.Does.Not.Tolerate.It! She put the time and effort into knowing every detail, has a quick wit, and is absolutely unafraid of any curveball thrown her way. It was such an absolute pleasure watching her lay out the case piece by piece and demolish the opposition, exposing him for the abusive, neurotic, psychopath he is! Nadin, I truly hope you enjoyed it as much as we did - in the words of the great Bill Murray, "You came, you saw, you kicked it's ass!"

    Nadin, from the bottom of our family's hearts, thank you. My son is so proud to have my name on all his school papers now, he hardly remembers suffering through the early days of abuse, and - thanks to your effort - is NEVER going to be put through that experience again! You obviously care about your career, your reputation, and your clients. You and your staff rock! Your time, effort, and consideration are SO greatly appreciated!

    Thank you, thank you, and thank you again.

    P.S. If anyone reading cannot tell, I recommend Nadin Cutter without any reservation whatsoever.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Lisa

    Absolutely Awesome!

    Absolutely love Ms Cutter!!!!! She helped me out tremendously when my ex husband tried to take me to court with out giving me any notice! She filed a 60-page Motion on 48-hours notice with 9 exhibits attached to it. My Ex's lawyer even said "that opposing counsel was a great lawyer" they have no idea! and even better at the hearing the Judge said her Motion was compelling. After sleepless nights, the day came and we WON! She is an Angel and her office is absolutely wonderful. I cry every time I think about how the out come could have been different and my Ex would have taken custody and moved away with my son. Please do yourself a favor and hire Ms. Cutter and her team, they are worth every penny. Ohh and the best part she got the Judge to make my ex to pay her fee's !

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Veronica

    Hands down the best there is ....

    Last year I was referred to Nadin from a co-worker who highly recommended her. I contacted her office in regards to my custody case, Wil was very helpful and set up the consultation. I must admit I was a little worried since I've heard some horror stories about custody cases. Nadin reassured me that we were in it together. From the moment I walked in the door to the end of my case Nadin and Wil helped me through every step making sure no stone was left unturned. I can't thank Nadin and her staff enough for all their help in a very successful battle for custody. She definitely has changed my life forever.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Douglas

    Ms. Cutter Made Me $50K. Best Business Lawyer In Las Vegas!

    Thanks to Ms. Nadin Cutter, I earn $50,000 more per year because she negotiated a new business contract with my employer (I work for a $Billion dollar company). I hired her to do my contract and the negotiations with my employer.

    A few years ago I came up with a novel business idea and I thought about pitching it to my employer but didn’t because I was concerned about not being able to protect my intellectual property and not being reasonably compensated for the idea since it had great potential of increasing revenue for my employer.

    I knew I needed a knowledgeable, personable and confident lawyer who could easily go up against the big guys ($Billion dollar company). I was referred to Nadin because I heard she negotiated a lucrative contract for a sports team. I couldn’t be happier with my choice!

    Not only did she make me $50,000 per year more, she also set up my trademarks, LLC, IRS Ein number, and even made friends with my company’s executives.

    Sure, I could have hired a big name law firm but I would have paid MUCH more money and had significantly less personal ATTENTION. She’s a serious go-getter, is unafraid, and will fight for you.

    If I need any more legal work in the future I now know the BEST.

    I HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND this attorney!!

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Family client

    Very unprofessional and arrogant

    Called to ask for advance for my specific legal situation. Attorney came off extremely arrogant and was very unhelpful. Would not recommend.