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  1. Can you be kept in jail in NM if, after serving oa violation of probation at your release you notify them that you are homeless

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    In southern New Mexico, specifically Dona Ana County, the jail does not prevent release because an individual is homeless. However, upon release, it is the probationer's responsibility to comply with any remaining probation requirements or else he may face a subsequent probation violation. In my practice, I have found that probation officers are understanding and more flexible if the probationer is up front with them about his circumstances (i.e. homeless). If this is a parole violation...

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  2. Should I seek a malpractice lawyer?

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    I suggest you contact an experienced medical negligence/malpractice attorney in your state as soon as possible. If you don't know of an attorney who practices this type of law in your area, ask other attorneys that you know, or contact your State Bar to see if your State has attorneys who specialize in medical malpractice cases on behalf of Plaintiffs. The Michigan's State Bar website is:

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