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  1. Hi, can I change my auto policy coverage after an accident?

    Answered over 1 year ago.

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    As suggested, the insurance coverage in place at the time of the accident controls. Also as suggested, reductions in premiums could come with serious reductions in coverage. Among the most important coverages, at least in New Mexico, is uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. In case of serious injuries, this is often the only viable source of coverage since many drivers are either uninsured or grossly underinsured. Again, this is speaking strictly from a New Mexico perspective.

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  2. I was in an accident last Dec..I was rear-ended.Is there a certain amount one can expect to recover from insurance?

    Answered about 2 years ago.

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    There are two claims here, one for the property damage to your vehicle, the other for your personal injuries. In New Mexico, the insurance company is obligated to pay only the costs of repair or the fair market value of the car, whichever is less. The second claim for personal injuries is slightly more complicated. There are many variables that will factor into the value of your personal injury recovery. In New Mexico, recoverable damages which will dictate the value of a claim are set...

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  3. What will happen after shoplifting an item under 4$ dollars? Will it be on my record? Need to know.

    Answered over 1 year ago.

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    First, you have listed this a juvenile issue. Under New Mexico law, because the incident occurred when you were 19, it would be handled in the adult courts if it got that far, not in the juvenile courts. These national chains are pretty aggressive with shoplifters. If they don't file charges, you have really dodged a bullet. However, under New Mexico law, the statute of limitations on petty misdemeanors such as this is one year. If they are asking for restitution, you should...

  4. I was shot in the back with an arrow while in a dog park. I feel guilty about suing , should I get over this guilt?

    Answered about 2 years ago.

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    You should not feel guilty about filing a claim against the homeowner. It should be covered by their homeowners insurance. If they have no homeowners insurance, filing suit might be an exercise in futility anyway. Those that do not carry homeowners insurance typically have no assets against which a judgment could be recovered. Shooting an arrow toward a public park is very negligent and arguably reckless. You should not be forced to bear the burden of medical expenses and other damages...

  5. Medical malpractice statutes? My husband had a botched surgery, but the evidence didn't appear until 9 years after in NYS.

    Answered 12 months ago.

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    Whether or not the statute of limitations has run will depend on whether New York follows the "discovery rule". Many states follow this rule as does the Federal Tort Claims Act. Under the discovery rule, the statute of limitations begins to run when the patient "knew or should have known" of the medical negligence. Some states, including New Mexico where i limit my practice, have confusing laws regarding when the discovery rule does and doesn't apply. In New Mexico and other states,...

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