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  • How do I decide if I should consult an attorney after a car accident? The other party accepted full fault and is insured.

    My car was rear-ended by someone who is insured. I sustained minor injuries, but still need some medical help for pain (referred by PCP for chiropractic and massage) and will miss some time off from work, though not full days. Doctor advised...

    David’s Answer

    There is no rule that says you must hire an accident attorney. Doing so is more a decision that you make based on your willingness to deal with the hassle and speculation of whether it is economically beneficial to you. Although any firms that handle this type of law should do so on a contingency fee basis (meaning they only get paid if they are successful) it is entirely possible that some very minimal accidents with one or two trips to the doctor can be resolved with or without an attorney for roughly the same amount.

    The decision of whether or not to hire an attorney is similar to deciding whether or not to handle home repairs on your own. Personally, I am completely content changing a lightbulb or even putting in a light fixture, but anything more complex and I figure it is not worth the hassle and risk even, and if it may cost more, I'd rather have someone else do it. The same is true for accident cases, generally, the more complex they are, the more you benefit by having a professional handle it. Again, the decision to hire an attorney should come down just as much to peace of mind as economic benefit.

    Other reasons to consider hiring an attorney, or at least consulting with one, include finding out how to handle medical bills and treatment, while minimizing your risk of being responsible for them.

    Good luck.

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