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Thomas J Bouman

Thomas Bouman’s Legal Guides

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  • Ways to Title a Car or RV in Arizona

    1. How do I verify ownership of a motor vehicle? The Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) of the Arizona Department of Transportation issues titles for automobiles, recreational vehicles, and mobile homes not affixed to the land. These titles are evidence of ownership and are the basis f...

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  • Gun Trusts in Arizona

    1.What is a Gun Trust? A Gun Trust is an alternate method for ownership of firearms, used instead of individual ownership.It is usually drafted as a revocable living trust for the limited purpose of holding title to personal firearms and weapons.A Gun Trust is commonly used for...

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  • How to Leave Inheritance to Children in Estate Plan

    Option #1: Outright distribution Child receives inheritance outright (with no restrictions). This is the simplest option. Option #2: Outright distribution at a specified age Child receives inherit

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  • IRA Protection Trusts

    What is an IRA Protection Trust? The IRA Protection Trust is a sophisticated estate planning technique intended to coordinate the administration and distribution of IRA assets after death. While generally reserved for persons with more than $200,000 in tax-advantaged retirement a...

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  • Arizona Probate - Small Estate Affidavits

    Small Estate Transfers by Affidavit under ARS 14-3971 Under Arizona Revised Statute 14-3971, some assets otherwise subject to probate in Arizona may be transferred without a probate proceeding. In order to qualify, both of the following must be true: 1. The total value of deced...

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  • Military Burials in Arizona

    Who qualifies for burial in a national military cemetery? If the deceased person was an honorably discharged veteran of the military, or if the deceased person was an unremarried surviving spouse or

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  • How to Settle a Living Trust

    Gather Information The trustee must gather all of the pertinent information about the decedent, the estate documents, and financial data. An estate attorney should review this information, determine

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