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Ryan Thomas Bleau

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  • Can you get a DUI that they never had you appear before a court and the judicial system or charged you with a DUI?

    My husband was pulled over for driving on a suspended license they impounded the car gave him a breathalyzer & took blood sent him home with a ticket for driving under a suspended license and the impound info but nothing for a DUI. As we are now g...

    Ryan’s Answer

    Since your husband was pulled over for driving on a suspended license in connection with the DUI investigation, the underlying driver's license suspension needs to be addressed. The cause could be unpaid tickets, an outstanding warrant or some other issue. Depending on the reason for the underlying suspension, classes may be required. Without additional information regarding your husband's driving record, a reliable answer is difficult to provide.

    Additionally, your husband needs to contact an Arizona Department of Health Services approved agency that provides DUI screenings. This screening is required in order to reinstate your husband's driver's license IF it is suspended as a result of the DUI stop. As others have indicated, the classes are not required. Just the screening.

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  • Suspended License due to unpaid tickets but need restricted license becuse of disability

    I am disabiled need drive to go to store doctor and get son for visits can a judge grant me restricted license untail can get all fines paid

    Ryan’s Answer

    Typically, you would need to pay off the fines in order to be eligible to reinstate your driver's license. Occasionally, a court will make a person eligible for a driver's license once they have paid half of the outstanding fine. Ultimately, I recommend that you file a motion with the court and talk to the judge about your situation. The worst case scenario is that the judge denies your request.

    Good luck.

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