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James R Wood

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  • Roger was a God Send when we needed it.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Keith

    My wife and I have just spent three plus years of our lives fighting a battle with our HOA pertaining to running its elections in compliance with our Community Documents and Arizona Revised Statutes. After an appeal to the Arizona Court of Appeals we were awarded $43,015.33 in legal expenses by a Pinal County Superior Court Judge.

    Quite frankly, if it had not been for Roger's guidance and knowledge we would not have WON. Roger was a stabilizing force in dealing with numerous HOA attorneys assign to our case.
    We started the Lawsuit with Maxwell & Morgan representing the Association. Two months into the Lawsuit the Insurance Carrier added Augustus Shaw to the case but Maxwell & Morgan also stayed to continue the battle. Believe me if there is a more unreasonable pair of HOA attorneys to deal with to deal with -- I do not want to meet them.

    The Associations Board of Directors just wanted to FIGHT and neither of those attorneys appears to have had a problem with that philosophy. They appeared to believe in the fact the Association has an unlimited amount of money to fight with Home Owners and the issue did not have anything to do with RIGHT or WRONG. Spending the Associations money seemed to be the Associations only defense.

    The Association actually agreed to concede basically everything we had asked for within the first nine months of the Lawsuit. Legal Fees became the problem. A problem we appealed to the Arizona Court of Appeals because the Original Judge ruled both sides would be responsible for their own Legal Fees. That battle would not have been fought or won if it had not been for J. Roger Wood, Esquire. Thank you for all you did for Kathy and me.

    Roger may not have answered every question I asked or every Email I sent BUT he did answer the important questions and more importantly WE WON and that was only possible because of Roger and Roger's knowledge. I do understand that I was not Roger's only client and he actually had to deal with some of the other clients problems once in while. Sometimes when face with problems and adversity WE tend to forget that other people have problems too. Roger was always there when we needed him.

    Keith and Kathy
    Extremely Satisfied Client
    Thank you Roger

  • Little Communication

    2.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    While I understand that personal issues (even tragic ones) can effect a professional approach to clients, communication is key for a law office. First draft was too long coming, and when the HOA attorney responded to our final draft I was not informed of the response until AFTER the HOA board meeting. Even if my attorney was unavailable to communicate, there is an entire office staff available to forward important information to me. During the HOA board meeting, and without prior knowledge of their attorney's response, I was left to look unprepared and misinformed. From a quick glance at other reviews I can see that this firm does some things well, but communication and timeliness is not one of them. I did write to them in regard my disappointment, and did receive a response, however the response was too little and too late.

  • I Second the Review of Waste of Time and Money not to Mention 100% Non Responsive

    1.0 star

    Posted by Luanne

    I hired James Wood for an HOA Board issue. He called me constantly to get me to file a suit for $3500 up front. He convinced me he would win the case and my fees would be reimbursed by the courts. I said I would not pay a penny more as this was already way more than I wanted to spend for principle. Concerned he may try to charge me more later, I have several email correspondences stating this would be his total and not a penny more. Case began in March and like the other review a lot of mis spellings and inaccuracies. By July he basically suggested we accept the other sides Offer of Judgment admitting guilt and that he could still file to have the court reimburse my attorney fees. He said it would take about 60 days to hear back. Well after several phone calls and emails HE NEVER RESPONDED AGAIN! I don't even think he filed that paperwork as I never got a resolution. Furthermore he started sending me additional bills. Well I kept all his emails stating he would not charge more and his firm finally stopped sending bills. Well I am out $3500.00 and never even got a Resolution to my case. Stay Away!!!!

    James R Wood’s response: “Thank you for your review. I am sorry to hear that you were not happy with our services and the outcome of the litigation. I am concerned that some of your concerns in your review are not quite accurate. But in addition to those concerns, we are sad to hear that you did not believe our communication was effective. We would be absolutely happy to talk to you about this matter. Please call us if you would like to discuss it. As with any litigation, there are always risks and ultimately, we do not have control over how the Court makes its rulings. As for fees and costs, there is always a distinct difference between the legal fees charged in a matter versus court costs and related expenses. Our firm does use flat fees in many instances but in almost all instances, we do not agree to pay court costs. The client is responsible for those expenses. Sometimes, those additional invoices have nothing to do with fees, but simply costs that need to be reimbursed. Again, I am sorry that you were unhappy with the result. Please call on us if you would like to discuss the matter. The Law Offices of J. Roger Wood”
  • A waste of time and money.

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    J. R. Wood office was eager to get my business, would do nothing until paid upfront. Then took a full month to write the first draft to the HOA, and two additional weeks to make revisions to the first draft. Second draft still contained errors which I corrected and he signed and mailed.
    When the HOA did not respond within the requested time, Wood wanted more money before he would proceed.
    I did not proceed with this attorney.
    When I requested the return of the information supplied to them, the first response was that all correspondence was electronic, which was not true. Second respond was that they could not find it. Finally, after more than a month, and numerous inquires, it was returned.

    James R Wood’s response: “Thanks for your comment. We are sorry you were unhappy with our efforts in your matter. If you would like to call us, we would be happy to discuss it with you. We do strive to give excellent service to all of our clients.”
  • Just Right

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bryan

    Just what I wanted, when I needed it. Mr. Wood handled an issue with my HOA and came upon a settlement that both parties could agree upon. If you are fair minded (which most HOA's aren't) he can certainly help.

  • A lawyer for the people!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jan

    When I bought a condo in Mesa recently, I was not bargaining on getting involved with a corrupt and harassing Board of Thugs. This situation had been going on for 9 years. If anyone complained they would receive a violation notice for something silly. I called Roger Wood and asked for his help. Roger gave me great legal advice and strategy. The thugs ignored my petition to recall them. So Roger and I took them to court on a number of issues. With Roger's expertise, the Judge ruled in our favour and the petition was allowed. As a result we got rid of them and shamed them at the same time. Roger celebrated with us!

  • The Finest lawyer in his field!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Greg

    We owned a property in an HOA completely out of control. The President and board miss handled HOA funds, the property was in dis-repair, we had no HOA meetings and their was no proper record keeping. Mr. Wood stepped in and did a brilliant job of using his expertise with the courts so we could sell our property and get out of what seemed to be an endless nightmare. His personal legal staff worked overtime on our case and were very responsive. If you have an HOA issue that needs to be reviewed by a real expert lawyer, call Roger, you will very glad you did!!!!

  • I will try the SPECIAL

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Keith R Campbell

    I hired Roger to review some of the Community Documents that govern my Home Owner Association because I suspected the Board of Directors had violated the meaning and intent of those Documents. Roger reviewed the Documents and basically came to the same decision for different reasons. Roger had taken the time to review the CC&Rs which I insisted contained NOTHING about the situation. I am very thankful he did that because he actually found an answer in the CC&Rs that I had missed and is without a doubt right on the question. I would highly recommend Roger to any / all OWNERS of property within an HOA. In fact, my HOA has many, many, many problems and as soon as I can get them in order I plan to use Roger again.