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Christopher J Zachar

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  • Someone rear ended me.. But I don't have insurance

    Someone rear ended me but I don't have insurance.. Will the other persons insurance pay for my car damages? She is at fault as she it my car and dent it on the side.

    Christopher’s Answer

    It certainly sounds like the other driver is at fault. If so, her insurance company should pay for your damages.

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  • Verbally accepted settlement offer just out of hospital and on Percocet. Threatened when I called foul next business day.

    Home from hospital Thurs night@9pm. In much pain Friday. Took Percocet. Very happy. I was 'floating'. Returned attorney's call. Said I just got home from hospital (my voice was still gruff) He just said "I received a settlement offer and it's a g...

    Christopher’s Answer

    The questions is not “can you” be held to the settlement, but rather, “will you” be held to it.

    In my opinion, no.

    If you can prove you were under the influence of a narcotic, you can argue that you did not have “legal capacity” to consent.

    Good luck

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  • I need help deciding the best legal course of action to take in regards to a car accident.

    I was in a accident where the driver i was with hit a chevy camero. My driver was making a left & hit the back end of the car at 30+ mph. I now have whiplash & knee pain. It was determined at the accident that the person driving the car i was in h...

    Christopher’s Answer

    It sounds like:

    1. Relatively serious car accident;
    2. You are injured;
    3. You are an innocent victim;
    4. You are not sure how to proceed.

    You need legal advice. Almost all experienced personal injury lawyers offer free consultations—in person or by phone.

    Get a phone appointment. Talk to a lawyer (not a legal assistant). Get some information and get educated, then, you can make better decisions.

    Best to you in this matter.

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  • Involved in auto accident. Insurance paid for property damage. No other real damages other than inconvenience. Can I sue? (AZ)

    Even though insurance already paid for property damage can I sue for negligence? Can I get double recovery or am I limited to insurance only?

    Christopher’s Answer

    If the only damage was property, and the insurance company paid for it, what do you want to sue for?

    Lawsuits are filed for payment of damages. It sounds like yours have been paid.

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  • I fell at Costco and need help

    I fell at Costco and nor getting help

    Christopher’s Answer

    Hopefully, you reported your fall to the store before leaving.

    Whether you did or not, your next step should be to speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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  • I need the name of the kid and his father who knocked me over, but the owner won't give it to me. How do I get their names?

    I was plowed over by teen at a skating rink. I was standing still. He hit me so hard I fell backwards landing Full on my back. I sustained numerous bruises and contusions. I want a copy of the incident report but the owner will not give me the n...

    Christopher’s Answer

    The only way to make the owner give it to you is to 1) file a lawsuit and 2) subpoena the document.

    An experienced personal injury trial lawyer can help

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  • Owner operated semi driver hit and injured by insured motorist in Arizona.

    Driving on a two lane highway.when a vehicle veered into my lane causing me to go off the road to avoid a head on collision. The vehicle driven by a woman ended up hitting the drivers side of my truck causing quit a bit of damage. When I got out I...

    Christopher’s Answer

    You should consult with an experienced injury attorney. No cost to talk. Get facts so you aren't guessing.

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  • Can i still do anything about a 2 death that occurred in a drinking and driving accident that occurered in 2008

    my 18 year old niece and her unborn child 7 moths pregnant, were killed , lleft to die , in and "accident " that she was in in sept of 2008, i know time has pased but feel that something coullve been done but since i am not the mother there isnt...

    Christopher’s Answer

    Unfortunately, the statute of limitations for almost all cases Arizona is two years from the date of the accident. I am sorry to hear about this tragic circumstance; just to be sure, you should consult personal personal injury trial attorney regarding this matter

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  • Can I do anything about it?

    I got in a accident where I hit someone from behind but it was proved it was not my fault with the police report but my insurance didn't help me, in fact they pay the other person and the other insurance company won't call me back. Is there anywa...

    Christopher’s Answer

    Consult with an experienced car accident trial lawyer.

    The consultation is free, and you can get more educated to understand your rights.

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  • How much should I settle for with ins co.

    I was back ended by a driver while at a full stop at a stoplight. Other driver took full blame. I have been in treatment for the last 4 months with a chiropractor. I still have some pain, the dr. says will eventually go away. as I am no longer se...

    Christopher’s Answer

    Really not sure what lawyers you are talking to.

    We help people in these cases All The Time. Other lawyers not wanting to take your case seems very odd.

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