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Christopher J Zachar

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  • Do I have a solid claim?

    I fell at a McDonalds, no warning signs were up, I have witness info, I filled out an incident report, and have medical records that substantiate the injury. I have not spoken to the insurance rep for McDonalds.

    Christopher’s Answer

    You don’t say why you fell or what you fell in/on.
    Need to know a bit more about the incident.

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  • Should I hire a lawyer in Dallas where I was injured in a fall or in Tucson AZ where I live?

    I fell down defective steps (1 step was 3 inches narrower than the others) at a chain motel in Dallas . I sustained multiple fractures to almost every bone on the left side of my face. My teeth are ruined, I've lost much of my left upper lip, a...

    Christopher’s Answer

    Look for an experienced premises liability lawyer in Dallas.

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  • I made a left turn, then a car hit me. The other driver had a suspended license, then committed a hit and run. No injuries.

    He was caught, and also charged with possession of marijana (I do not know if this is while driving or not). I'm 100% sure he was speeding, but I cannot prove it. The Police Officer on the scene said that there likely be shared fault, however I h...

    Christopher’s Answer

    There may be shared fault, but as the party bringing the claim, it will be your burden to prove it.

    The suspended license information is likely irrelevant. Sure, they should not have been on the road, but did the suspended license cause the accident?

    If you can prove that the marijuana caused an impairment that contributed to the accident, then you have a better chance of proving shared liability.

    Suggestion: Make an appointment with an attorney experienced in these matters. Get better educated, and then decide where you want to pursue this

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  • Vehicle Accidents, Can Insurance company return vehicle after picking it up?

    Mother was in car accident..not her fault. Determined by both Insurance Agencies. Hers and the other parties. The other parties insurance agency picked up the vehicle from my mother's house after coming up with a figure to total out the truck. The...

    Christopher’s Answer

    It is a little difficult to understand exactly what is happening here, from the description provided.

    Look for an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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  • We were hit by a hit-n-run driver it totaled our car which Geico payed for, but I have a few questions. First my husband and

    mother only went to ER and 1 doctor visit. How much should they get for pain and suffering? Next they sent me papers to sign that said this: and its assigns from all claims under the Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury coverage Is that meaning ...

    Christopher’s Answer

    Without knowing more, it is very difficult to assess the value of your claim.

    The “assigns from all claims” language is likely a consent to your insurance company to seek reimbursement from the at fault driver, but without the full documents for review, no one can truly advise you on this.

    My suggestion: Seek a meeting with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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  • Can I seek punitive damages against a driver that hit and ran?

    I was able to get a pic of his plate as he took off and reported to police. They found him and gave me his info. His insurance admitted fault and will repair my vehicle but I feel that their should be some sort of punishment for the driver.

    Christopher’s Answer

    This is a difficult question. Punitive Damages generally apply when a person’s “evil mind” results in harm to another.

    Did the adverse driver have an “evil mind” that helped cause the accident?

    Might be tough to prove. Often, a person’s conduct post-accident is not allowed by most judges.

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  • How much should I ask for to counter a settlement offer?

    I was recently in a car accident (an older woman ran a red light and hit me, she admitted to 100% fault) and I have just finished my chiropractic treatment. The medical bill is about $1700, and I think $100 for gas. I also hurt my wrists in the ac...

    Christopher’s Answer

    This information is far too vague.

    How long did the treatment last? Were there any pre-existing conditions? Any similar pre-accident treatment? What is the problem with your wrists? Is it limiting on your activities or lifestyle? Getting better or permanent? For the future care, what will be the cost and how much will be needed, and over what period of time?

    There are too many variables for any real personal injury attorney to give you a figure here.

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  • I was involved in a hit and run accident last year on the 4 of July wondering if I can still do something about it.

    OK so I was traveling eastbound doing the speed limit he was coming westbound same street above speed limit. He losses control of his truck and hits me on the driver side of my car damaging my back passenger door and rear wheel along with the whol...

    Christopher’s Answer

    Yes, you still have time.

    The statute of limitations in Arizona is 2 years.

    Find an attorney who is experienced in personal injury litigation.

    If an attorney does not litigation cases (file lawsuits), you are just spinning your wheels

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  • I have a car with several recalls and my wife had an accident. no one else got injured but my wife what can i do about it

    the recalls is in a ford explorer 1996

    Christopher’s Answer

    Call the local Ford dealership and get the problems addressed.

    If your wife’s injuries are serious, and related to the subject defect, then seek the advice of an experienced injury lawyer.

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  • I fell on broken stair at my apt complex, injuring my tailbone and ankle. Are they liable for my medical bills and loss of work?

    I fell down the stairs at my apt complex because a large portion of the step was broken off. It was like that for several weeks and I forgot about it one evening and fell, hurting my tailbone and ankle. The neighbor called the ambulance and my son...

    Christopher’s Answer

    In order to prove a claim, you will have to show that the management knew of the problem, and failed to address it. The problem is that you knew about it too, but apparently forgot about it.

    If not a serious injury, with a "premises liability" claim, finding an experienced attorney to help will be difficult.

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