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Christopher J Zachar

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  • Should I tell my lawyer I have pain in my neck and knee for a better claim?

    I have slight pain in my knee and neck and my attorney wants me to see a therapist who'll work on a lien and he says it'll make a better claim. I don't want to do this because the doctors will just take more money at the end and that money can be ...

    Christopher’s Answer

    Suggestion: Just because you see a therapist does not lock you into any long terms treatment.

    See the therapist(s). Get evaluated and get answers. Understand your condition better. Maybe they have some helpful suggestions for home exercise that will help.

    On the other hand, maybe you have a problem that will not go away on its own. Having seen a medical provider, and having your symptoms documented in writing sooner rather than later will help your claim.

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  • Is there anyone that help?

    I was bitten by a dog Dec 9th 2014 and the lawyer I had sent two affidavits out to the dogowner. Come to find out the owner does not own the house or property. They couldn't do anything further to help. I wanted a private investigator hired cuz th...

    Christopher’s Answer

    This is a difficult circumstance. It sounds like there is no insurance to pay for your injuries and damages.

    Understand---that does not make the dog owner any less responsible. It only makes it harder to get paid.

    It is difficult for an experienced lawyer to get involved. Getting you the result is only Step 1. Then, actually collecting the money is Step 2.

    Best to you

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  • Car accident atty possible?

    I was hit by a driver with no insurance, I do have full coverage, but I don't think my insurance company will try to get my medical payments and suffering covered. I've never been in this situation. I need help.

    Christopher’s Answer

    If you truly have "full coverage", then there should insurance to help you.

    Insurance is a complicated issue; most people don't understand it.

    Seek the assistance of an experienced injury attorney.

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  • I need a malpractice attorney for dr in fl but i now live in az. do i hire one here in az or there

    I had surgery in florida in oct 2014. they said they did something during the surgery and also put it in the operating report that as of the tests done over this weekend were not really done. so needing to know, do i need an attorney here in az si...

    Christopher’s Answer

    You'll need an attorney located in Florida.

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  • Struck by a hit a run drunk driver

    I was rear ended by a drunk driver in a rental van who fled the scene. Is there anyway to get the rental company to own up to the damages and injuries?

    Christopher’s Answer

    Do you know the rental company?

    File a lawsuit, subpoena the rental records, locate the driver.

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  • Can I file a lawsuit against an apartment complex for a negligence that resulted in my injury?

    I am living with my boyfriend of 5 years in an apartment complex in Peoria, AZ. I receive mail here, but I am not on the lease, my children are though. A massive beehive fell into the yard outside our door. The complex put caution tape and did n...

    Christopher’s Answer

    Sure seems like caution tape was an inadequate remedy.

    The simple answer: Yes, you may well have a claim against the complex, and if so, you have the right to assert it

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  • For car accidents, are lawyers who take a bigger percentage better?

    The car accident is clearly other driver's fault because he got a ticket. I sustained a broken wrist and a total loss on the car. I feel this is a simple case so I don't know whether to go for a lawyer who takes a higher percentage or one that tak...

    Christopher’s Answer

    Keep in mind: The percentage is often negotiable.

    Most importantly, you want 1) an experienced injury lawyer 2) who is a trial attorney.

    Unless the insurance company know your attorney is willing and capable of fighting for you, with a lawsuit if needed, hot can you ever really expected them to get serious about offering fair money to settle your case?

    Insurance company’s don’t really like lawsuits, but if they know that your lawyer is not a trial attorney, they have leverage to offer a lower amount, knowing your lawyer will probably accept it in the end.

    Seek an experienced trial lawyer, and talk to him or her about the fee percentage.

    Often you can get a lower percentage for a case that might be settled before a lawsuit has to be filed, then to the regular rate if that work is necessary.

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  • Are big firms better than small local law firms in general?

    This is regarding getting the most money, help from doctors on my injuries, willing to fight for me in court and in general

    Christopher’s Answer

    If by “big firms” you mean “big advertising personal injury law firms”, let me suggest that you are far better with a smaller firm.

    With a smaller firm, your case gets more attention.

    With a smaller firm, you get more attention.

    With a smaller firm, you actually get to talk to an attorney.

    With a smaller firm, you likely get one that is willing to fight harder for you, and litigate if necessary to get you a good result.

    The “big advertisers” depend on big volume, and simply cannot devote the same time and attention to each case.

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  • Are dentists held accountable?

    I have had a bad and expensive experience.

    Christopher’s Answer

    Dentists are no different than any other professional. If the commit malpractice, they can be held accountable.

    However, malpractice does not simply mean an error. Malpractice occurs when your medical professional 1) violates a standard of his/her specialty, and the mistake 2) results in injury.

    I hope this explanation helps.

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  • Do I have a solid claim?

    I fell at a McDonalds, no warning signs were up, I have witness info, I filled out an incident report, and have medical records that substantiate the injury. I have not spoken to the insurance rep for McDonalds.

    Christopher’s Answer

    You don’t say why you fell or what you fell in/on.
    Need to know a bit more about the incident.

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