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Christopher J Zachar

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  • How much should I settle for with ins co.

    I was back ended by a driver while at a full stop at a stoplight. Other driver took full blame. I have been in treatment for the last 4 months with a chiropractor. I still have some pain, the dr. says will eventually go away. as I am no longer se...

    Christopher’s Answer

    Really not sure what lawyers you are talking to.

    We help people in these cases All The Time. Other lawyers not wanting to take your case seems very odd.

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  • I am a personal injury paralegal in Washington state. A good friend of mine was attacked by a dog in Arizona.

    I informed my friend that she should get a good attorney in Arizona. The dog that attacked her viciously has prior attacks on other people. The police and humane society informed her of this. The pictures taken at the E.R. Are absolutely horrif...

    Christopher’s Answer

    While having an attorney in the same County might be OK, it is certainly not required or necessary. We receive many calls from injury victims in the smaller counties of Arizona seeking counsel with better and more vast experience in injury cases.

    From the information provided, there is little doubt that your friend needs Arizona counsel. She should find the best--a Certified Specialist in Injury cases. With a Certified Specialist, she can be assured that her attorney has both the personal injury and trial experience needed to take her case--as far as necessary, to get her the results she deserves.

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  • Auto-Accident with an uninsured motorist

    I was rear-ended by an uninsured driver. My insurance company couldn't guide me to anything useful. The damages are about 3-5k worth and it occurred in February 19, 2015. I leave for the Army July 7th and I have little time to do anything. Should ...

    Christopher’s Answer

    Call and speak with an experience injury/trial attorney.
    The consultations are free. Get educated.

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  • Can I get the other insured driver to pay for my medical bills rather than have my own health insurance provider pay for them?

    I had to go to the E.R. and a hand specialist after a car accident which was the fault of the other driver. The medical bills recently came in and on 2 of them, it said the bills have been sent to my medical providers and 1 of them said I have the...

    Christopher’s Answer

    First, consider changing law firms. If you cannot speak with your attorney and a legal assistant is making decision, don’t walk—run.

    Second, you should absolutely send ALL medical bills to your health insurance. There are very precise reasons for this. A “real” attorney in a “real” law firm will explain this to you.

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  • A serious injury occurred during a sports demonstration, which type of lawyer should be consulted?

    Injured is an independent contractor who is paid for performing in videos. The injured's neck was broken while participating in a demonstration, The private film company does not carry liability ins. for their performers. Reportedly...

    Christopher’s Answer

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    The information provided is far too vague, but initially, find a personal injury lawyer who is a Certified Specialist in injury and wrongful death law.

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  • Should i use an atty

    I was rearended car was left wrist lowerback and left leg were starting to hurt.although i saw a dr (where i work) she addressed the wrist with ordering xrays but listed nothing about my leg or back.left wthout a car i was...

    Christopher’s Answer

    It sounds to me like you should consult with an experienced injury lawyer.

    Should I seek care? What type of care is normal after an accident like mine?

    My PCP didn't really do anything--is this normal?

    How do I handle my property damage? Can I get a rental?

    These are all very important questions. An experienced injury lawyer can help with all of this.

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  • Personal injury and/or lawsuit. How can I find a lawyer to help me with a dog biting/attacking my 3 year old daughter?

    My 3 year old daughter was with her father (ex husband) on visitation over the weekend. He left her unsupervised and alone in a separate room at his friend's house with a dog (I'm pretty sure it was a pit bull) and she got bit pretty badly. She wa...

    Christopher’s Answer

    The best resource to find the right attorney is likely online. Check AVVO and Google.

    Look for an attorney experienced in dog bite cases. Avoid the big advertisers. Look for an experienced trial attorney.

    Look for an attorney who is a Certified Specialist in Injury and Wrongful Death cases.

    Then, check their online reviews and when ready call for a consultation. Check their AVVO rating.

    If you are comfortable with the information you receive, then you have probably found the right one.

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  • Do i need a lawyer for this matter?

    Hello my name is willie Brooks and i have a question about car accident that i was in, I want to know how long does the process of a claim to be complete takes? And how long does it take for a adjuster from the other insurance company takes to vie...

    Christopher’s Answer

    Good questions.

    What can you do when the other side's insurer is dragging things out?

    1. Talk to an experienced attorney regarding your case;
    2. If you have your own insurance, see if that is an option;
    3. If the case is significant enough, consider filing a lawsuit (that will get their attention).

    None of these are pleasant circumstances. The insurance company adding insult to your injuries makes it more unpleasant.

    Learn your rights and make the best decisions based upon that.

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  • In a car accident, is $15,000 the most I could get for bodily injury and pain and suffering?

    Other drivers fault. Fractured my wrist and going to a chiropractor to fix my neck bone to get it to curve again. He had State farm. I only had liability insurance. In AZ, could i get more than $15k??

    Christopher’s Answer

    Yes, in Arizona there is no limit to the amount you can recover. It is true that the amount you actually receive may be related to the at fault party's insurance limits--whatever it is, but you are not compelled to accept that amount.

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  • Is it possible that the other insured person in a car crash can have no limits on bodily injury?

    Is there always a limit like $15000 or $100,000 or can there be no limit on how much I make for bodily injuries

    Christopher’s Answer

    Likely, there is a limit to the insurance limits of an at-fault driver’s auto policy.

    However, under Arizona law, there is no limit as to the amount you can seek in damages.

    Although an insurance policy may only pay X, you have the right to collect the excess directly from the at-fault driver.

    I hope this helps.

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