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Christopher J Zachar

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  • Recently I was severely injured while doing some clean-up services for a homeowner. I need surgery and now I'm no longer able to

    Work. Since the injury the owner of home has refused to pay me and told my brother I just needed to put ice on it if it hurts, that's not his problem. When will be able to come finish what I sstarted? I'm really worried how I can even pay m...

    Christopher’s Answer

    Whether or not the homeowner is responsible for your injuries depends upon whether the owner is somehow at fault for your injuries.

    Did he/she do something wrong?

    Was there a dangerous condition on the property that he/she knew about and you didn't?

    These are the important questions to ask, to determine if the homeowner has any responsibility to you.

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  • In a personal injury case how many medical records and how far back -is the opposing party entitled to?

    In this case the person injured had a surgery 6 months prior and had been in an auto accident more than 20 years prior. There was an exacerbation of soft tissue pain in the area of the surgery and also a re-injury The opposing party wants every m...

    Christopher’s Answer

    The other side will often seek records as far back as possible. They are happy to blame accident injuries on a pre-existing condition. I have had opposing attorneys try this, and depending on the condition, accident and injury, fail miserably in this argument.

    An experienced personal injury trial lawyer can best help you through this issue.

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  • Who is responsible for medical bills?

    I had a car accident not too long (in Arizona) and had a passenger with me. She was a "friend" and she got injured (just a couple of bruises that were nothing major). However, that day of the accident she made the decision to get in an ambulance a...

    Christopher’s Answer

    If you were at fault for the accident, then you are responsible for all damages that resulted from your negligence. Your friend will have the burden of proving that she was injured, that she needed all of the medical care she got, and the value of her case.

    Very often, regardless of the extent of injuries, the injured party agrees to accept the policy limits of the at-fault driver's insurance as a payment in full

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  • Who's liable when I got bit by a pittbull on the owners property when no one will accept responsibility for the dog.

    The owner is a retired Dr. an he has about a 40acre parcel that he has rentals on that he rents. He allows the tenants to have dogs that roam free n livestock that some are penned up. No one including the owner will say who owns the dog that bit m...

    Christopher’s Answer

    Depending on your injuries, it appears that a lawsuit may be needed here to sort out the responsible parties.

    You should consult with an experienced trial attorney in this case

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  • Do I need an Attorney if I got bite by a unattended dog in our yard. The SOS belongs to the owners son n came in our yard

    I was working under my truck when this redbone Pitt came into our yard. Our dog was outside on our property n we rent a trailer from the owner. This is the owners son dog I think n its been picked up before for biting someone. The pit bull went af...

    Christopher’s Answer

    Dog bite cases can be complicated.

    You should at least consult with an attorney experienced in these cases.

    Get some information and get educated, then decide whether you need legal assistance.

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  • Am I obligated to sign a release form with the at fault drivers auto insurance company in order to be partial compensated?

    I've been told that I would have to sign a release form with the auto insurance company in order to receive the full amount of the policy, I would be stating that I would not file any additional claims or seek any more monies from the insurance co...

    Christopher’s Answer

    Generally, when you settle with the other person’s insurance company, you will need to sign a release of all claims to get the money.

    However, still owing money for medical bills make this more complicated.

    You should seek some advice from an experienced injury lawyer. Most will consult for free, and it is my impression that your consultation will be very fruitful for you in this circumstance.

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  • My 17 yo unlicensed son totaled his friends car that shelet him borrow. What am I responsible for in this situation?

    Her parents want me to pay for a rental car, insurance deductible, and fees due to her dropping out of school and fees to reenroll in school. Not sure what to do

    Christopher’s Answer

    This is a bit more complicated than simply paying for these costs out of your own pocket.

    If you have auto insurance, which covers your son, contact your insurance company for more information.

    Otherwise, seek advice from an experienced car accident lawyer

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  • Accident demand letter sent for me, but not for my children, we all pain and suffering from the accident.

    My medical bills have exceeded the at fault driver's policy limit, therefore a demand letter was sent out in regards to my bills, however, my children's medical bills range from $2500-5000, why wasn't demand letters sent out for their current medi...

    Christopher’s Answer

    It is normal and OK to send the demand letters separately for different claimants. Unless clear that your case value exceeds the at -fault driver’s limits, the demands should not be finalized and sent until all treatment is concluded.

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  • Is It a "broken chain of events"? wife gets rear ended and then severely bitten and scarred by ants while waiting on the police?

    Wife was rear ended. lady that hit her suggested pulling over by a park to wait for police. Wife is diabetic and has little feeling in her feet and was severely bitten by ants and scarred on her feet. Insurance is offering $2000 for pain and doct...

    Christopher’s Answer

    Translation: We are an insurance company. We just don’t really want to pay for that.

    My Response: Tough beanies, insurance guy. You put her in that position, you pay.

    In 23 years of practice I have not heard the terms “broken chain of events”. It sounds like a made up insurance company phrase to mean “we don’t wanna pay for that”.

    The adverse driver caused the accident. This required the parties to stop. Then, at the suggestion of the adverse, they pulled over to wait.

    The key phrase is “but for” the accident, your wife would never have been in that position.

    Does the insurance company have to pay for the injuries to her feet? In my opinion, absolutely.

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  • Auto accident while out of state

    The vehicle I was driving was slammed into (rear ended) while I was traveling. I will be filing a lawsuit. I am from Arizona, the driver that hit me is from Washington, and the accident happened in Oregon. How do I proceed in choosing a lawyer? Ca...

    Christopher’s Answer

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    “Where” you can file a claim depends on where you can get “jurisdiction” over the at-fault driver.

    Generally, you can bring the claim 1) where the accident occurred or 2) where the at-fault driver lives.

    You were hit in Oregon, so Oregon courts have jurisdiction.

    If the at-fault driver lives in a different state, that state has jurisdiction.

    If a lawsuit needs to be filed, you should find an attorney in a state that has jurisdiction.

    If early, you should talk to an attorney in your state (Arizona). They may be able to help you.

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