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Scott W Hyder

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Meg

    Professional, Informative and On time

    Mr. Hyder is very professional and explained all of our options to us through out the course of our bankruptcy. He made sure we understood what was going on and answered all of our emails and phone calls each day. It is important to trust your lawyer, and we were able to do just that with Scott.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Tammy

    Divorce & Bankruptcy Freedom Hyder Style

    Let me preface my review by 1st saying it was an excruciating, hellacious 8 years! But, had it not of been for the intervention of Scott Hyder, I am absolutely sure it would have continued for only God knows how long!
    Looking back, the actual divorce itself was in hindsight the "easy" part! That only took 13 months! It's what happened after that nearly took me down.
    Ok Clift Notes now in order to get to the heart of this review. Over 4 years of getting served repetitively by my ex for everything from child support to spousal maintenance. It was during year 4 that my ex chose bankruptcy as a solution of eliminating marital debt. Upon advisement from my then attorney, I followed suit. I completely believed this would be the final step in total freedom from my "past" life.
    Boy was I wrong!
    About 1/2 way thru my chapter 7 BK, I answered my front door to what had become an unwelcome practice - a server asking me if I was "so and so" , signing, and hearing that all too familiar phrase; "You've been served"!
    This time would be different however, and the turning point in my case.
    My ex was suing me for a rather complicated statute common in many divorces, and sadly, completely legal! A maneuver that turned out to be very calculated and planned by his attorney to quote "bury me"!
    Suddenly, my life spun down an impossible trajectory of courts, attorneys and misinformation galore! I couldn't seem to find competent council anywhere and for the most part thought to myself; "This is it! Whatever I haven't lost, I'm about to"! I felt totally defeated and lost.
    I'd heard about a "free" resource in the courthouse where I could receive council that might perhaps shed some light on my situation. At that point I had absolutely nothing more to lose.
    Enter, Scott Hyder.
    I immediately felt comforted by Scott and his thorough yet calming presence.
    Upon examination of my 6 inch binder (I'm not kidding), full of the previous years proceedings, Scott advised me what he felt would be necessary to not only get me through this, but come out the other side untouchable.
    Scott laid out an almost 4 year plan, beginning with a conversion to a chapter 13 BK. Although, intensely complicated, Scott never failed to explain each step thoroughly & answer every question I had, no matter how simple.
    Scott was literally by my side every step of the way, not only ensuring I remained compliant with the courts constant request, but to encourage me, compliment every small victory, and remain vigilant on my case!
    He was never unavailable to me. For practically 4 years, I counted on Scott more than I had almost anybody else in my life! I broke down countless times, almost gave up a few times, and believed I could no longer endure this life lesson over and over again! He was just there...always!
    Fast forward to February 2015 and receiving the call from Scott..."You're done! you did it! And I'm so proud of you and thank you"!
    I burst into tears. I was so happy! Yes, I was proud of myself for percervering through 4 very difficult years! Yes, I had done it! But not by myself!
    I would have never made it through this had it not been for Scott! Period!
    Four years is a long time to "partner" with someone you barely know! In the most painful, unbelievable and private of circumstances, I put my trust in Scott Hyder and he never stopped fighting for me...not once!
    I am starting my life over now. The future is completely bright and I get to have that because of my friend, my attorney, Scott Hyder. I simply adore and honor you Scott...THANK YOU! Forever...THANK YOU!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Perla

    Excellent service

    I am very pleased with Mr. Hyder. He is an excellent lawyer, very professional and kept me informed through out the entire process. He took time to listen to me and brought peace to my mind with his kindness.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeff

    Outstanding and Caring!

    Scott is a very caring and compassionate lawyer who truly believes in his clients. Never judging them from the clients past, his mission is to make your life better going forward. Besides being detailed and thorough ,he also is very good at knowing the landscape and judges in the courtroom. This proactive approach made my case go without issue. Emails and communication are prompt and succinct and you always know where you stand with Scott. His experience in the AZ Legal system is invaluable and worth your time and investment. Scott was recommend to me by a top attorney in Phoenix in his field of expertise and I will also recommend Scott to anyone seeking a top attorney. Class act, four stars! Thank you Scott for helping me and my family get through our difficult times only to be in a better place afterwards.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Joseph

    Excellent !!!!! Effecient !!!!! Honest !!! ( Rare Quality ) Intelligent !!!!! Hard Worker !!! Extremely Knowledable

    I was attempting to file my BK on my own. I decided to meet with a self help BK Lawyer, I organized a list of questions . I had met with other lawyers prior to this that only wanted to receive a retainer fee prior to answering questions. Scott not only answered all of my questions , he asked them all without me even having to ask !! What a relief to find a lawyer that was looking out for my best interest !! I retained Scott ! MORE than Extremely Satisfied !!! You cant find a better Lawyer !!!!!! The fee was up front; and very reasonable ! There has been absolutely ZERO ( $0.00) Hidden fees !! Scott works extremely well within the court system ! He is even well liked by all of the employees within the system !! That means a lot !! I hope that you choose Scott to handle your case ! I highly recommend him !!!!!!!!!! Joseph _ _____ ....

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Scott

    Foreclosure Debt Collection Assistance

    Scott helped us clear up inaccurate information about our second mortgage liability. The mortgage company incorrectly reported that we were still liable for the debt.

    Scott sent letters to the mortgage company and collection agencies that cleared up the inaccuracy.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Tracy

    Great Service!

    After the loss of a loved one, I needed to get my financial and legal affairs in order. Scott took the time to discuss several options and he worked with me to determine the best solution for my estate. He was professional and provided excellent customer service. I highly recommend the Law Office of Scott W. Hyder and would not hesitate to work with Scott in the future.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Michelle

    Compassionate, professional, knowledgable legal experience with S. Hyder

    So grateful to have found Scott Hyder by recommendation of a friend. The difficult task of Power of Attorney, Living Will and such we're made some much easier by Scott's approachable and compassionate demeanor. Scott is extremely knowledgable in his field, and thoroughly went through options with me to help me determine what was the best fit for my legal needs and also importantly what was within my budget. It was a pleasure to work with Scott, I will work with him again and will continue to recommend him to others.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    Excellent Attorney

    We used Scott Hyder for a BK. He did a great job on our case. We stayed very well informed of what was going on with the case and he was extremely knowledgeable about how to proceed. We especially loved how easy he was to get a hold of at anytime of the day.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Bankruptcy client

    Stay away choose another legal Representative

    This Lawyer didn't file the paperwork on time and was totally disorganized….I would NOT recommend this lawyer as he failed to do the things on time which cause extreme damage to my overall situation and emotional distress mostly because the lawyer said he had things taken care of and all pertinent information and failed to file stuff in a timely matter. DONT risk your livelihood or take a chance on this lawyer STAY AWAY. Lack of proffesionalism and emotional distress is not worth it!!!!